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Sinara Sing

Aug 9, 2023

Extension not working

hello my chrome extension for clipper has not been working for months now. Im even unable to access or reset password. Will the issue be resolved? I need it for work. Thanks

Guillaume BOEREMA

Jul 14, 2023

Site HS

Le site est HS depuis plusieurs jours, je suis près a payé un abonnement pour retrouver mes messages types mais je ne sais pas comment contacté le support puisque le site est HS.
Merci de me contacter en urgence.

Alejandro Rodriguez

Jul 12, 2023

Still working?

It has been down for 2 days now.
Is this a temporary issue?

Omar S.

Jul 12, 2023

The site is not reachable

I've been using the Clipping chrome extension, but I noticed that their site is not working any more, is that the case?


Armando Cons

Jul 12, 2023

Clipper down

Is the unavailability temporary? Would appreciate an answer on this, this tool is very helpful.

Exact Dub

Jul 12, 2023

Clipper down

Hey victor, i've been using your tool for work, i got some unsaved things, is the site coming back soon ?
This was a really nice extension, i hope this is only a maintenance.

Nick Halliday

Jul 12, 2023

Not working?

No access to extension or website for a couple of days - is it coming back?

Виктор Ломов

Jul 27, 2022


How can I import all of my clips on other account?

Lorna S-W

Feb 24, 2022

Clipper alas down?

Can't access Clipper suddenly! What's up?

Alexander Szvitek

Dec 6, 2021

website is down

hello, the website is not reachable, down for 2 days now.

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