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A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 25, 2018

Not saved to Sent

With the latest Gmail update Gmail will not save to Sent email the first time I click send. It tells me to try again, and works the next try.

Shane Lear

Oct 29, 2017

Missing Image

Please fix this extension. I realize it's probably no longer supported by the maker, but if you could take the time to fix it, I, for one, would appreciate it. I use it all day long and there's nothing else out there quite like it. PLEASE.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 15, 2017

Images Missing

Images aren't showing up in the snippet. I've tried changing the image URL and I still get nothing. I'm running Chrome version 61.

Raphael Jolivet

Jul 19, 2017

Accents in title / description


I think there is a problem with character encoding.

Accents in title / description are not rendered properly.

Here for instance :,160747.php

Appart from this, I think this extension is great ! thanks ...

Larry Hultquist

Jan 17, 2017

Yes! It's working!!

Thanks Clip Better! It's working today!!

Larry Hultquist

Jan 13, 2017

Not Working

Hasn't been working the past couple of weeks. When I click on it the box opens but it says loading but never loads an image or url

Pierre-Alain Cotte

Jan 12, 2017

Not working?

...since a few days (2016/Jan 2017)

Juanale Hdez. Mateo

Jan 9, 2017


is this extension working in this moment??? ... it´s not in my computer.

Shane Lear

Dec 13, 2016

Not working

This extension hasn't worked for me in the last day or so. Is it down or something?

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 13, 2016

not workin

when i click on send with gmail it opens a new gmail windows (would be nice to use my already always open gmail tab) and start a new mail, with nothing in it, no link, no preview, no title, nothing

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