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Muhammad Hamza Haq

Apr 26, 2024

Where to buy the software?

I cannot see any place to buy the tool. Can you please share the details from where can I buy this tool?

Looking forward.

Abdullah Shajai

Feb 21, 2024

I want to buy the software

how much is the software? Is it a monthly subscription or a one time payment?

Business Model

Feb 6, 2024

Do you have to re-start it everyday?

does client prospector pro keep running until you turn it off? or do you have to Re-run it/Re-start it everyday?

Jellie Digital

Jan 17, 2024

How to purchase software!?

I have downloaded the software but it asks for username and password - where can I purchase or subscribe to the software so I can actually use it?

John Patrick Aguirre

Oct 23, 2023

Error : connect ECONNREFUSED

I can't log in and to Client Prospector

Carson Brown

Aug 2, 2023

VA cant open it

Had my VA based in the Philippines try to get the extension and use it, but he was not able to even open the extension once it was downloaded.

mukesh chouhan

May 28, 2023

how to purchase

from where i can purchase this software?

Vasilije Dabanovic

Feb 3, 2023


Yo man, what's the pricing of your software?


Dec 21, 2022

not opening

nothing opens

Farouk Sydow

Dec 9, 2022

software not launching

software not launching

Google apps