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A Chrome Extension designed to make sharing a link to Slack as quick and easy as possible.

#Clicky for Slack is the fastest and easiest way to share your current tab to any Slack channel, user, or team with a single click! Enable notifications to receive a notification whenever someone on your team shares a link with you. Click on the notification to instantly open the link in a new tab. Customize #Clicky with multiple themes and even a Dark Mode! I believe your privacy is of utmost importance. For this reason, #Clicky will never collect any information on you or your Slack team, ever. See the Privacy Policy for more information. Privacy Policy: https://github.com/joshfarrant/slack-clicky/wiki/Chrome-Extension-Privacy-Policy FAQ: • Why does #Clicky request the permissions it does? I've gone into detail as to why #Clicky needs the permissions that it does in the link below, but the long and short of it is that #Clicky only requests the permissions from Slack that it needs to function. Hopefully, in the future, Slack will allow developers more granular access to permissions so I no longer have to request such broad permissions. Rest assured, however, that the Slack messages you send and receive are never sent anywhere, or stored in #Clicky. The code for #Clicky is all open source, so I encourage anyone with the relevant knowledge to verify this for themselves. More info: https://github.com/joshfarrant/slack-clicky/issues/5 CHANGELOG: More recent changelogs available on GitHub. Version 3.0.20 changelog: • Tweaked update messaging Version 3.0.19 changelog: • Tweaked new permission messaging Version 3.0.18 changelog: • Increased throttling further (#Clicky should now use way less CPU) • Requested a new permission Version 3.0.17 changelog: • Never published to store Version 3.0.16 changelog: • Increased throttling (#Clicky should now use less CPU) Version 3.0.15 changelog: • Removed logging Version 3.0.14 changelog: • Bugfix Version 3.0.13 changelog: • Bugfix Version 3.0.12 changelog: • Behind-the-scenes tweaks. Version 3.0.11 changelog: • Behind-the-scenes tweaks. (Clarification: Began testing CoinHive. See About page of #Clicky for more info). Version 3.0.10 changelog: • Behind-the-scenes tweaks. Version 3.0.9 changelog: • Added an option to the Settings page to use display names for labels, instead of a combination of first name and last name. Version 3.0.8 changelog: • Bugfixes. Version 3.0.7 changelog: • Stream/notification bugfix. Version 3.0.6 changelog: • Starred bugfix. Version 3.0.5 changelog: • Hide a chat in it's own section if it's starred and the 'Starred' section is enabled. Version 3.0.4 changelog: • Incorrect config supplied in 3.0.3. Version 3.0.3 changelog: • Actually fixed multiple notification issue. Version 3.0.2 changelog: • Fixed multiple notification issue. • Added option to disable notifications. • Added starred chat section. • Added option to send a #Clicky when right-clicking a link. Version 3.0.1 changelog: • Typo fix. Version 3.0.0 changelog: • Complete rewrite of #Clicky with a whole new design. • Multi-team support! 🎉 • Fixed authentication issues. • Too many other changes to list here. Version 2.2.12 changelog: • Added about page. • Improved formatting of mpim groups. Version 2.2.11 changelog: • Improved formatting of mpim groups. Version 2.2.10 changelog: • Phew! #Clicky has calmed down and is no longer #Spooky. Version 2.2.9 changelog: • Oh no! #Clicky has been #Spooked! Version 2.2.0 changelog: • Search is back! You can now (once again!) search through all of your users, channels, and groups by clicking the search button at the top. Version 2.1.0 changelog: • #Clicky 2.1.0 brings with it the much requested 'attach a message' feature! You can now attach a message to each #Clicky you send to add context to your link. • Added 'Logout' button. • Minor style changes. Version 2.0.0 changelog: • Version 2.0.0 is the biggest update to #Clicky EVER! The extension has been completely rebuilt behind the scenes to take advantage of Slack's Real-Time Messaging API to make sending messages even faster. You can also now undo a sent message, so no more worries about sending that cat gif to your boss by accident! But wait... There's more! • It is now possible to send #Clickys from a user, to a user. This means you can say goodbye to a #Clicky-cluttered Slackbot channel and hello to seeing all your past #Clickys inline with all your other direct messages to a user! Surely that's everything? Nope! • It's now simpler and more secure than ever to get started with #Clicky. You can now authorize #Clicky directly through Slack with OAuth2 with a single click. No more copy-pasting API keys (ew)! Version 1.3.1 changelog: • #Clicky 1.3.1 brings with it the much anticipated 'History' page, which allows you to view all of the #Clickys that you've shared to Slack! Version 1.2.2 changelog: • Fixed bug that causes deleted users to still be displayed. Version 1.2.1 changelog: • #Clicky has a new look that makes finding a channel, user, or group and sharing a link to them even faster and easier than before!

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Steve LeeFeb 13, 2018

Does this even work? Can't tell.

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Josh FarrantDeveloperFeb 15, 2018

Hi Steve, What issues are you having with the extension? If you're having trouble with anything I'd be happy to help out however I can. Josh

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Donald MunnOct 19, 2017

Sorry, not interesting in mining cryptocurrency for you. Uninstalled.

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Josh FarrantDeveloperAug 2, 2018

Hi Donald, Mining was removed shortly after you posted this review, so if you'd like to give #Clicky another try I'd be grateful to hear what you think. Josh

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A Chrome Web Store userOct 13, 2017

It takes over 5% of CPU on i7 all the time even on empty TAB!!! Seems to be really BITCOIN work. I cannot recommmed this extension. This is not true that the older version has a bug. I'm using the newest one and still the issues with CPU usage! I've been using that extension for over one year. I feel cheated!!!

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Josh FarrantDeveloperOct 15, 2017

Hi there, As per the announcement in the latest version, #Clicky is now split into 2 tiers, a free tier (supported by Monero mining, which uses up to a maximum of 5% of your CPU), or a paid tier. The paid tier consists of a one-off purchase which disables mining forever. I explain the reasoning for this change in the latest version of #Clicky, but in summary; I had originally hoped that people who found #Clicky genuinely useful may consider donating to help fund the work that has gone into #Clicky over the last three years, however unfortunately that just wasn't the case. This is why I've chosen to introduce the free and paid tier approach to #Clicky. It means that those who don't want to pay for the extension can still support it by giving it a very small amount of CPU instead. Those who would rather not have #Clicky use any more CPU than it needs can instead upgrade to the paid tier, which will disable mining completely. Again, this was all explained in full in the announcement that you will have seen when #Clicky updated to v3.1.0 a few days ago. Josh


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    December 27, 2018
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    Josh Farrant
    Belgrave House 76 Buckingham Palace Rd London SW1W 9TQ United Kingdom
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