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Frank Farrugia

Feb 8, 2023

Voice keeps changing

I have used this extension for years now and it has been wonderful since I am visually impaired. Now with each new paragraph the voice keeps changing, as if it is going through the list of possible voices. How can I make this stop and keep just one voice? Thank you!

Pierre Boissé

Jan 25, 2023

Voice chages every clic on paragraph and then, no more voice.

2023 January 22,
Since a week or so, this chrome application does not function as well as before and I don't know how to make it function as before. Is it cause by a new version of chrome
or of microsoft ? Dont know. Each time I click on a paragraph the voice changes. It does it a few times and then I cannot hear any voice at all for many clicks on different paragraphs. After some time I hear the voices that change and then nothing.
I have tried to uninstall the application and reinstall it but the same problem persists.
Is there a solution to make it work as before ?
For me, it is until now, the best tts application that exists.It's his simplicity to use that I like the most. I have tried many others but none is as easy to use as click2speech.
Sorry for my poor english. I hope it is clear enough for you to understand the meaning.
Thank you. Regards.


Nov 9, 2021

Would be nice to have

Is there any possibility to add some even more natural voices? I am pleasantly surprised that it also includes Croatian as a language but more natural voices would be great to have as an option.
More than that I would like to be able to select the whole text to read not just one paragraph that is selected automatically or even download the text as mp3. Is that actually possible somehow?

Stuart Craig

Oct 24, 2020


Hi, I recently started using click2speech and I love it :) thank you very much!

I see it has a speed setting which goes up to "4.0", but I wish it could go faster - is there a way to make this happen?


John Gaines

Feb 7, 2020

Great extension...

I love this extension, it helping me so mush with school work. I wish I had this when I was younger! Is to train the voice AI to recognize subscript? Generally if there is subscript notation the speech engine will interpret the text as "dot 1" for instance not recognizing the period and running the sentence into the next. Not a deal breaker mind you, just gets confusing at times.

Trisha Cunningham (Payne)

Jun 28, 2019

Recent functionality problems; specific example: bullet points

Recently the workings of the extension seem to not work as well (this week, and today). For indented bullet items the extension read them as though they were all an ongoing sentence.

Trisha Cunningham (Payne)

May 17, 2019

Use: in window pdf documents

Hello, I am in love with your extension but sometimes find it doesn't work. For example when I have a tab with a pdf open to read.
QUESTION: is there a way I'm not aware of to have this extension read pdfs when they are in a chrome tab window?
Thank you!

Euni Ichigo S-Guranto

Feb 14, 2019

Suddenly cuts off

The TTS will read a few lines of some paragraphs before cutting off halfway through a word and turning the selected paragraph red before de-selecting the text.
When it does work, the word by word highlight lags behind by 1 or 2 words spoken.
Does anyone else have this issue??? Please fix! :)

Kalen Grant

Jan 29, 2019

Google Forms (Quiz in Locked mode)

When a quiz is given in Google Forms (quiz) Locked mode, the extension does not work. When given in unlocked mode, the extension works fine.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 22, 2018

Hang bővítés

Kedves Zsolt! Megoldható lenne hogy a program tartalmazzon magyar nyelvű hangot is?
Nagyon hiányzik!

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