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Chris Scott

Mar 27, 2024

Pop up box of active rips and setting not showing

I love the extension,, I tell everyone i talk to,,, I am having a problem with

The extension works on the page but the box that has all the active scripts/elements blocked does not appear. I can not see anything, If i need to undo an incorrect choice i can not select anything. I have to uninstall the extension and start fresh..

Any advise?

Rebecca A Pobutkiewicz

Jan 23, 2024

Causing issues with latest version of Chrome and Google programs?

my company forced the latest version of chrome on us and while this extension was still working as intended, it seems to have interfered (somehow) with the ability of Chrome programs (doc, slides, sheets) to allow copy/paste from within those programs and from microsoft programs into Chrome programs. Seems to be affecting the clipboard maybe? I went through all of my extensions one by one to find the culprit and it was this one. when I turned it off, everything worked fine with all other extensions turned on.

Nicolas Berney

Sep 22, 2023

Removed elements on page that is in the Iframe

Your tool works really well. I removed all the elements on a page permanently, and that worked without any problems. However, now that same page is being included into another page using an IFrame, and the elements are not removed. I believe it's because the extension is set to only act on the source page domain. Is there a way to add additional domains?

Matt Stilwell

Sep 7, 2023

Doesn't Work On Youtube

I use this to remove the big play button that's in the middle of youtube videos, but if you reload the video or go to another video, the button comes back. And I do click the button to save the setting, but it doesn't work.

Chris Scott

Aug 17, 2023

data pop up box not showing on home depot dot com


I can't live without your extension. it works great but on home depot, the pop up window that shows the removed elements does not appear.. The extension functions as designed but I removed an element that I need to undo.. Is there a way to get the pop up window back? or reset the entire website while retaining all the others?

Thank you,

Anthony Raimondo

Aug 9, 2023


All "remember" functionality no longer works are latest update. Good luck :)


May 13, 2023

An option to activate/deactivate the rules?

There's already a column "Remember?" with checkboxes. Could please add another column next to it, but named "Active?", which always defaults to the checked state?


May 13, 2023

GitHub repository?

Could you make a GitHub repository public for this extension? Me, as well as possibly many other developers, would be very happy to help improve this extension!


Apr 27, 2023

Rename class

Please add class renaming functionality. The Telegram website hides the content of the post, but when the class is renamed, the content is immediately displayed because the script cannot detect the class to be hidden.

msdn lib

Mar 16, 2023

Could you add a shortcut for close the extension?

The click to remove is the best cleanup tool for me.
For some site, the "esc" shortcut be used. (click esc will close the popup detail page").
Could you add a custom setting to set the close the extension?

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