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Vladimir Bien-Aimé

Jun 24, 2020

Change the Default Setting

Is there any way to change the default setting of tweeting the page you're on? If I could change the default setting to be blank, this extension would be PERFECT as there are seemingly no other apps that do that.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 27, 2018

url shortener

The extension is great but would be perfect if it included a url shortener.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 4, 2014

Used Selected Text

On at least one site I tweet from regularly,, this extension doesn't pick up on the title of the post, so I have to copy/paste to get the title (or whatever other text I want to use) to post in the tweet.

Would it be possible to update the extension to use either the title (as it does now, but not on, by default, or use whatever selected text I have in the page?

There was another extension that used to do this, "Tweet This Page," but it seems that it has been taken down.

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