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Thomas Reid

Nov 17, 2022

Private messaged through Knowbrainer Forum

I'm wondering if you saw my message referencing font changes and other interests?

Jimmy Moore

Apr 9, 2022

ii'm i in the right place now

i chanced my password on pokerstars yester and havent been able to get back in the games whwn they send my comferation # i never receave it

Star ❨x❩ Boy

Apr 12, 2021

Click by voice

Well yea it Really is quite impressive i will say but Like All things it isnt perfect but Theres Always gonna be room FθR improvements cayse tgeres Something called updates i would Truly Love to see it become A full voice Assistant Like heybuddy etc its more fitting For ehat it is and because why not its Already There its just you who Gotta keep working on it ensuring it becomes as Great as possible i can help with That i mean its why im here to help

Flip Troiano

Apr 19, 2018


Is there a way to alternately turn on and turn off numbers by voice using Dragon medical 4.0 or Knowbrainer 2017 disabling a re-enabling the Click By Voice extension?

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 19, 2018

Does this work with Dragon Professional Individual?

IS it compatible wiht DPI 15?

Google apps