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T O (TOLoneWolf)

Mar 28, 2023

Extension Missing from chrome store

Extension missing from download url. No Content found when requesting download

juan tonello

Sep 1, 2022


there says there is an eeroor occured and that the dowload is interruptedx. i tried to find solutions online but i wAS NOT SUCCESFULL

Christopher Sari

Nov 9, 2021

Not able to download.

I am trying to download the chrome extension but it says nothing is downloading.

Lizzie Billhartz

Jul 9, 2019

Clevertouch Interactive TV connect to Chromebook via Clevershare

When I try to type the code that Clevershare gives on the TV, it includes numbers and letters. On my Chromebook - and even iPhone - I am only able to type numbers... Can you please help with this issue? I need to display my Chromebook to the TV to teach math classes.

Topias Kareinen

May 9, 2018

Same problem

In my case it does not connect, although I have both of my devices in the same network and I input the correct password to the app.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 4, 2018

Cannot Connect to CleverTouch

Have installed the app on a Chromebook and am unable to connect to Clevertouch. Also,the app failed to start after a reboot of the Chromebook and I was unable to use other apps/extensions as well. To get the use of all my apps/extensions back I had to uninstall the Clevershare app.

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