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Clear Website Cache in one click. This app for chrome is to clear cache for one site in address bar. Open page –> clear cache

Are you tired of encountering sluggish loading times or outdated content while browsing your favorite websites? Look no further! With Clear Website Cache, you can effortlessly clear your browser cache in just one click, ensuring that you always access the freshest content and enjoy lightning-fast page loading speeds, without affecting other website’s data that you don’t want to be removed. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to seamless browsing! ☝ When do you need this app? Clearing the cache for a website can be necessary for several reasons, and it is a common troubleshooting step to resolve various issues. Here are some reasons why you need this extension: 🖥️ Outdated Content: ➤ Cached files, such as images, stylesheets, and scripts, are stored locally on your device to improve website loading times. If the website has been updated, but your browser is still loading the old saved files, you may not see the latest content. Clear website cache can definitely help here. 🧭 Browser Compatibility Issues: ➤ Sometimes, browsers may store specific information about a website's layout and functionality in the cached storage. If there are changes to the website's design or code, remove your cache to ensure that your browser fetches and displays the most recent version properly. </> JavaScript or CSS Errors: ➤ If a website is experiencing issues due to outdated or corrupted JavaScript or CSS files, clear website cache can resolve these problems by forcing the browser to download the latest versions. 🔑 Login and Session Problems: ➤ Cached data may include information about your login status and session. If you're having trouble logging in or staying logged in, clearing the cache can help reset these settings. 🚨 Security Concerns: ➤ In some cases, saved data might be compromised or corrupted, leading to security concerns. Clearing cookies and cache can be a precautionary measure to address potential security issues. 🚀 Website Performance: ➤ Clear cache for one site can sometimes improve the overall performance of a page by ensuring that your browser fetches optimized and updated files, leading to faster load times. 🔄 Browser Updates: ➤ When you update your browser, it may be necessary to clear website cache to ensure compatibility with the latest browser version and features. ☝ Why to use Clear Website Cache? In chrome clear cache for one site can be usually achieved by going through the browser's settings page. The process can be really frustrating for someone who is not used to configuring the browser. That is why we have developed an extension that can clear website cache in just one click without digging into chrome settings. Here is why you definitely need to use it: ✅Clearing cookies and cache in one click You don’t need to know how to clear cache for one website in the browser's settings page. Just click on the extension’s icon and then click the “clear website cache” button. ✅Safely clear cache for one site only Again, no need to search for a specific website that you need to clear cache for, because the app does the work only for the opened tab that you are on right now. All stored files and cookies for other websites that you have will remain untouched. ✅ Extremely fast and safe clearing cookies and cache This extension is built with all most recent coding best practices and technologies in mind. ☝ How Clear Website Cache Works ⏺ The app works by accessing and manipulating the browser's cache and cookie storage. When you visit a website, your browser stores certain files, such as images, scripts, and stylesheets, in its local storage to help speed up subsequent visits. However, this can sometimes lead to viewing outdated content. ⏺ The extension operates by providing a user interface within the Chrome browser that allows you to clear the cache for specific websites. When you activate the extension, it triggers the removal of the cached files associated with the website that is open in your active tab, ensuring that when you revisit the site, the browser fetches the most recent version of its content. ➡️Get Started with Our Extension Today! 🔜 Additional Features Coming Soon We work every day to make our app better and more helpful for you. In addition to current functionality we’re going to add some extra features, we’re sure you will love it! 1️⃣ Select for what time period you’ll be clearing cookies and cache. 2️⃣ Clear cache for one site without visiting it, just type it in a field. 3️⃣ Automatically clear cache for specific site chrome, after closing tab 🔥let us know if you want something specific, we will be happy to hear it! ✉️ To contact our team please email to

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