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Tony Henrich

Jan 27, 2024

Add auto refresh after clearing site data

Please an option to auto refresh the page after clearing site data

Tony Henrich

Aug 2, 2023

Why is 'Current site' radio button disabled?

Why I am not able to select 'Current site' radio button? I don't want to clear all the web sites. Just the one I am on.

Paul Cassarino

Jun 2, 2023

Exclusion list

Hello, How do I create a list of sites whose cache I do NOT want cleared? The cache hold my license info for a software program I use.

Brian Ferch

Dec 9, 2022

Keyboard shortcut

Is there a keyboard shortcut equivalent to clicking the "clear site data" button? If so this extension would be perfect. Thanks.


Sep 11, 2021

In a non-website page, do not select "All Web Sites" by default, error operation leads to loss of data.

In a non-website page, do not select "All Web Sites" by default, error operation leads to loss of data.

Arnold Saenz

Oct 7, 2020

Clearing cache

Instead of long question, I'll give a brief example and await your response. Let's say I perform a Google search and click on one of the items listed, then go deeper into the site, for example videos and see a list of videos and select one to view. After I view the brief video, I want to keep the site active for future reference but without the ability to go back to previous screens or sites. After using your extension, I'd expect for the Left-arrow next to Reload button to become a lighter color but it doesn't and I can go back to previous pages. I would think if I cleared cache and history for the tab that I wouldn't be able to go back but I think I can. Any comments?

Yashar Habibi

Sep 17, 2020

please add auto reload current tab and one click on extention icon

hi,first of all your extension is the best among others because your extention has a option to delete just the current tab data, but please add these two feature:
1- auto reload current tab after delete data
2- just one click on extension icon do all of theme(not opening dropdown and then two click for confirming)
* sorry, my english writing is terrible


Apr 29, 2020

Clear site data

Exactly the extension I was looking for to pick what site data you want cleared. A great feature would be if I could pick a time/date range or all, such as the last hr, day, week etc. Maybe a slider that goes from hr/day/month/all ? I have run into web sites where some data I have received in the past hour or two has caused the issue but I don't want to wipe all of the data. Great stuff, thanks again for making my life easier.

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