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Kimberly Ng

Mar 30, 2022

Not working

I have found one that works really well.

Wynter Johnson

Sep 21, 2020

Can't remove extension


I can't remove this extension from Chrome, can you please assist.


A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 19, 2019

Option to allow site specific cache clearing

On occasion we have a need for clearing the cache for specific sites.
Would you anticipate the prospect of developing/allowing this to be a user configurable option to be site specific of which cache is cleared.

Rich Christiansen

Jun 13, 2017

Doesn't clear cache entirely

Doesn't appear to clear the cache entirely. If you use this plugin and then visit Chrome's "Clear browser data" screen (chrome://settings/clearBrowserData), you'll see that next to "Cached images and files", there is a non-zero number listed (in MB).

It still *kind of* works, though, so I think it's still a useful tool. Any idea how to fix the plugin, Paul?

kek zanorg

May 19, 2017

Clear cache from 1 hour etc

Hi, thanks for your extension :)
It would be nice to have an options to clear cache from 1 hour, last 24h, last week etc..
Like the standard Chrome clear cache. Thanks you anyway !

moi lois

Mar 17, 2017


I can still see the cached mem in crosh terminal using the function top. Why it does not removed the cached mem from there when I use your application.

Shari A. Mattice

Nov 17, 2014

Not Working!

Does not work with my Google Chrome Version 38.0.2125.122 m (64-bit)

Youtube User

Jun 11, 2014

Call with Scheduler

Hey, neat little tool!

Could you make it possible to clear the cache from the cmd, so people could make a scheduled task for it let's say every 10 minutes?

Or just implement an auto-cache cleaner for 'x' minutes.

Larry Osborn

Jul 15, 2013

Retina icon

Any chance of getting an update for a high-resolution retina icon?

Daniele L

Jan 2, 2013

Where are Settings?

My only problem is, I don't know how to access the settings and the shortcut key will not take when I'm trying to set one, unless I'm not doing something right.

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