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Clear cache and cookies for one website with just one click. Easily manage and delete cache and cookies saving time on data removal

🚀 Clear cache and cookies to remove browsing data for the current site with just one click. Tired of encountering sluggish browsing experiences or facing website loading errors due to accumulated cache and cookies? With a seamless interface and lightning-fast functionality, this tool empowers you to effortlessly delete cache and cookies with just a one clicks. 🌟 How to clear cache and cookies? There are three options to run clearing cookies and cache: 1️⃣ Click on the extension icon on the Chrome toolbar. 2️⃣ Use a floating element. If it is enabled in the settings, then an element with an icon appears in the lower left corner of the page; clicking on it also starts clearing data. 3️⃣ Keyboard shortcut: ➤ Windows/Linux - Alt + C ➤ MacOS - Option + C 🛠️ Once you've installed the Clear cookies and cache, you can further customize its functionality through the settings menu. Here's a breakdown of the available settings: ✔️Reload the page after clearing website data: toggle this setting to enable or disable automatic page reload after clearing website data. This can be useful if you want the page to refresh automatically to reflect the changes after clearing cache and cookies. ✔️Customize which types of data you want to clear when using the extension. You can choose to clear individually according to your preferences: - Cache - Cache Storage - Cookies - File Systems - Indexed DB - Local Storage - Plugin Data - Service Workers - WebSQL ✔️Enable or disable a floating element that appears on every page. This floating element provides quick access to clear data for the current site. Simply click on it to initiate the clearing process specifically for the site you're currently visiting. By accessing these settings, you can tailor the Clear cache and cookies chrome extension to suit your specific browsing needs and preferences. Whether you prefer automatic page reloading, selective data clearing, or the convenience of a floating element, these customizable options ensure a seamless and personalized browsing experience. 🐝 More details about the websites that the extension is capable of clearing: ➤ Cache: temporary storage for web pages and resources, allowing for faster loading times upon revisiting a site. ➤ Cache Storage: a more advanced form of caching used by websites to store data for offline access and improved performance. ➤ Cookies: small pieces of data stored by websites on your browser, used for various purposes such as session management, personalization, and tracking. ➤ File Systems: storage space allocated by the browser for web applications to store and access files locally. ➤ Indexed DB: a database system used by web applications to store structured data for offline access and improved performance. ➤ Local Storage: storage space within the browser used by websites to store data persistently across sessions. ➤ Plugin Data: data stored by browser plugins or extensions, often used for settings, preferences, or cached content. ➤ Service Workers: scripts that run in the background of web pages, enabling features such as push notifications, background synchronization, and offline functionality. ➤ WebSQL: a deprecated web database technology that allows web applications to store data locally using a structured query language similar to SQL. These data types collectively contribute to the browsing experience and functionality of websites. Managing and delete cache and cookies can help improve performance, enhance privacy, and resolve certain browsing issues. 🍪 Effortless Clearing: say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through complex browser settings. Our tool simplifies the process, allowing you to clear cache and cookies in seconds, enhancing your browsing speed and privacy. 🌐 Whether you need to clear cache for one specific website our extension offers customizable clearing options to suit your needs. Simply select the desired website or clear cache and cookies for one site across your entire browsing history with ease. 1️⃣ Clear cache for one website: tool enables you to pinpoint and clear cache for one website, ensuring a smooth browsing experience every time. 2️⃣ Efficient website cache management: you can clear website cache selectively, preventing data overload and optimizing site performance. 3️⃣ Comprehensive cookie management: bid farewell to unwanted cookies cluttering your browser. 🔍 Enhanced Privacy Protection: Concerned about online privacy and tracking? By regularly clearing browser cookies, you can safeguard your personal information and maintain anonymity while browsing the web. Our extension empowers you to protect your privacy effortlessly. ⚡Experience blazing-fast browsing speeds after clearing cache and cookies with our tool. By eliminating unnecessary data accumulation, you'll enjoy smoother page loading times and enhanced overall performance. 🔧 Customizable settings: tailor the settings to your preferences for a personalized browsing experience. Whether you prefer automatic cache clearing or manual control, our extension offers flexibility to suit your needs. In conclusion, the Clear cache and cookies is your go-to solution for optimizing browsing performance, enhancing privacy, and streamlining cache and cookie management. With intuitive features, customizable settings, and lightning-fast performance, it's the ultimate tool for a seamless browsing experience.

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Jose VegaJun 22, 2024

Excellent tool. I was going crazy clearing stubborn cache in Chrome settings to no avail. This extension cleared it in one click.

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Sandip RoyMar 13, 2024

I find it a great tool for clearing out cache and cookies for just one site. Uniquely helpful. But why does Chrome Extensions (chrome://extensions/) say - This extension is not trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing?

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Sangga KajjFeb 21, 2024

Great tool, small and simple!


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