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Clear all tabs except the current one with a single click. An easy way to close all tabs except for pinned and grouped tabs.

🚀 Introducing Clear all tabs, the Google Chrome extension designed to streamline your browsing experience like never before. With the Close all pages tool, managing and deleting all open pages has never been easier. Are you tired of cluttered browsing sessions with countless pages open? Say goodbye to page overload and hello to productivity with clear all tabs. This powerful tool empowers you to efficiently remove all tabs with just one click, allowing you to start fresh and focus on what matters most. 🌐 Seamless page management 1️⃣ Say goodbye to clutter with our extension's ability to clear all tabs effortlessly. 2️⃣ Close all tabs with a single click, leaving only the active, pinned, and grouped ones. 3️⃣ Experience a clean slate whenever you desire, enhancing your browsing focus. 🔄 Quick toggle functionality - Toggle between open and closed pages seamlessly. - Easily resume your work by reopening cleared pages with a swift action. - The extension's intuitive design ensures a user-friendly experience. 🔍 Our tool empowers users to close all pages, clear all open tabs, and efficiently manage their browsing experience. It's not just about closing pages; it's about reclaiming control over your digital workspace. 🧹 Automatic memory management ▸ Remove all tabs that are intelligently deleted from memory when opening a new page or closing the active one. ▸ This ensures optimal system performance and resource utilization. ▸ Enjoy a smoother browsing experience without the baggage of unnecessary pages. ⚙️ Customizable settings clear all tabs ➤ Tailor the extension to your preferences with customizable settings. ➤ Disable the icon in the lower left corner on specific sites for a personalized browsing experience. ➤ Flexibility meets functionality as you mold the tool to fit your unique workflow. 🎉Beyond functionality, our extension boasts a user interface designed for simplicity and effectiveness. 📊 Real-time tab count - Stay informed with a real-time display of the current number of pages set to close. - The tray icon provides a quick snapshot, keeping you in control of your browsing environment. 💚 Visual indicators - Enjoy visual cues with a green background indicating tabs set for closure. - Effortlessly distinguish between tabs in memory and those ready to be restored. 🔧 Optimization tips - Unlock the full potential of the extension with these optimization tips. 🚀 Quick shortcuts for close all tabs that are open ▸ Utilize keyboard shortcuts for faster page management. ▸ Discover time-saving combinations to enhance your workflow. 🔄 Refresh strategies - Explore techniques to refresh your browser and page efficiently. - Ensure your browsing experience is always at its peak performance. 🌟 Smart restoration features 1. Dive into the extension's intelligent restoration capabilities. 2. Pages are reinstated with precision, ensuring you pick up right where you left off. 3. The letter 'R' serves as a visual cue, indicating pages are ready to be revived. 🌐 Batch operations - Harness the power of batch operations for simultaneous tab closure or restoration. - Manage multiple pages effortlessly with a single click, enhancing productivity. 🔒 Privacy and security - Rest easy knowing our tool prioritizes privacy and security. - No traces of closed tabs linger in memory, safeguarding your sensitive information. - Experience a worry-free browsing session with our commitment to user data protection. 🔍 Emphasizing our commitment to enhancing user control and browsing efficiency, our extension seamlessly integrates keywords like clear all tabs and delete all tabs. 📖 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. What is the primary purpose of this Chrome tool? - Efficiently manage and close open tabs with just a click. 2. How do I clear all tabs except the active one using the extension? - Click on the extension icon in the tray or the lower left corner. 3. Can I customize the extension to suit my preferences? - Absolutely! Explore settings to disable the icon on all sites and tailor your experience. 4. How can I restore deleted tabs if I accidentally clicked on the extension icon? - Simply click the tool icon again, and the closed tabs will be restored. However, be cautious: if you create a new page or close the browser after closing pages , the cleared tabs will be permanently lost. 5. Will the extension delete tabs permanently? - No, pages are deleted from memory, and they can be restored by clicking the extension icon again. 6. Can I use the extension with pinned tabs and tab groups? - Yes, the tool intelligently preserves pinned pages and organized groups. 7. Is the extension lightweight and resource-efficient? - Absolutely, it is designed for minimal impact on system resources for a smooth browsing experience. 8. Are there plans for future updates and improvements? - Yes, stay tuned for exciting features and continuous enhancements. Our Google Chrome extension Clear all tabs offers a streamlined solution for users overwhelmed by numerous open tabs. With features like one-click page closure, preservation of important tabs, and customizable settings, it provides a simplified and efficient browsing experience. The tool is designed for both ease of use and flexibility, ensuring users can tailor it to their unique preferences. Regular updates and a commitment to user feedback reflect our dedication to continuously improving and optimizing this essential tool for Chrome users. Feel free to explore and embrace a clutter-free browsing experience today!

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sohidtMar 26, 2024

Excellent tool ,Clear all tabs extension is very's convenient and fast in the world.So i like it.thank

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Sohid IslamMar 26, 2024

I would say that,Clear all tabs extension is very important in this world. Great! With just one click, all tabs except the current one will be closed. i use it.very thank Clear all tabs .

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Виктор ДмитриевичMar 15, 2024

Thank you, it's convenient and fast!


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