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M Rowe

Jan 8, 2020

100% Free! It says, I can't create an account without Requesting a Demo

I don't want to request a demo, I want to be able to link it to a Google Account and play around with it, free features are fine. I don't want a sales team badgering me about all the pro features either. Just want the ability to create a free account!!

D.E. Williams

Dec 31, 2016

tried again after a year, still no good

I tried to use Class Charts last year and didn't like it, decided to give it another try this semester. I got one class list pasted in (no Excel import?), set up a classroom layout, and then could not access the website anymore. I get a "try again later" error message; it looks like your website is down.

Also could not scroll on the class import page, only could get page to scroll via the tab key. I love technology but there are reasons why my seating charts are still on paper.

Martin Miller

Feb 6, 2015

Login Issue

I've Added the app, but when I get to the login page and click to use Google to log in, it just returns me to the same page every time. My wife tried as well with the same results. My daughter says she just opens her chrome browser on her pc and it works fine for her. Any ideas?

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