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Dennis Henrique

Jan 22, 2022


Hello, I ask you to update the ui of the extension to show http/3 support

zsolti godi

Dec 6, 2021

kabdbe a


István ifj. Dankaházi (idanka)

Jan 7, 2021

missing h3-29

Dear Developer!
pls add new functions: showing new protocol quic (h3-29).

Maxin John

May 8, 2020

IPV6 not dectecting correct in this plugin

IPv6 is not detecting correctly for most of the websites ,
please check

Henning Pohl

Apr 8, 2020

Chromium Edge Store

It would be nice to see the Extension in the new Chromium Edge Store

Mark Krieger

Nov 6, 2019

QUIC support

Hi there

I really like the extension, but sites that use QUIC don't show HTTP2 as active.
Will you add support for QUIC (and display it as well) or is this extension EOL?


Val Vesa

Jul 13, 2019

great extension

Hey there!
My name is Val and I am a community manager with Cloudflare, would love to talk to you about the extension. It's doing an amazing job.
Please hit me back at
Have a great weekend!

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 6, 2018


want to delete

Ryan Knight

Oct 6, 2016


Hi - Cloudflare recently did a re-brand, changing the F to lowercase and updating the logo. Any chance you can refresh?


Aug 11, 2016

Railgun compression value missing

When I access any website that uses Railgun, extension shows compression ratio as NaN%.

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