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doug paulson

Mar 6, 2023

make app work

i cant get the app to work.

Mojjo's Stash

Nov 9, 2021

Not loading

The emulator won't even load please help

Noah Williamson

Feb 8, 2021

Getting Archon Runtime

Ok so I know in your doc that you linked you said that if extension dev mode is blocked then there is now way to install archon runtime but I just wanted to ask does anyone out there know how to install archon without dev mode/is there another way to do it or make the app work. I feel like I have tried literally everything to try and get this to work so any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Texas Rigged

Nov 20, 2019


awesome app you should include a tutorial on installing bios file and needing archon run time but anyways can you get this to run faster i cant get passed 33 fps and when the game is finally done loading it only maxes at 10fps on yu gi oh

Evan Freigo

Jul 8, 2019


i have everything correct but when i go to open my rom the application crashes. Ive uninstalled and re-installed. Any suggestions?


Dec 18, 2018


OK so the app is basically a waste of space. When i open my files to play any game all of the files are blocked so i can not use it so not only is it a waste of space. it doesn't even emulate! fix this immediately

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 1, 2018


what files does it run on and where do i get them thank you and pls

Ciaran Dornbierer

Aug 22, 2018

File type

what type of files can it run

Benjamin Pierson

Apr 17, 2018


how well does it work and are there any updates? could i use an psx emulator i download myself to still play games?

Logan Penn

Mar 11, 2018


what file types are supported?

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