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Jerry Asher

Feb 19, 2022

Doesn't catch the links...

This is a great extension, functionality I want, and a great design. When I visit subreddits like r/GuiltyPleasureMusic/ and create a playlist I see it finds all the links but none of the links.

I'll also echo all the requests to make it so these playlists can be saved into our youtube accounts, if that is a possible through the api

Raiden Roy

Jul 23, 2020

Raise the limit of the amount videos can be stored in one playlist!

the limit is too low, ATM.

Raiden Roy

Jul 23, 2020

Add some kind of import/export functionality from youtube playlist!!

Lets say I have 450 videos in a single playlist on youtube now I want to copy that same playlist on this extension. now I'll first load all the videos on the page & let your extension do scanning part after the scanning part done. I'll just have to click on "ADD" button for a single video at a time. that means I'll have to click 450+ times coz your extension playlist video limit is only 50. it will too much time of mine see I'm not even talking about 1 playlist here I have 28 playlist with similar video count. I'm not stupid enough to invest this much time when I'm not even sure that extension will work in the future or not.

As a developer you haven't even share where my information data is stored?
(locally, chrome cloud, or your servers)

Raiden Roy

Jul 23, 2020

There is no Backup function!

Please add a backup function as an overall import/export kinda function lets the user overwrite the existing list per choice

Carlos Martínez

May 28, 2019

Where are stored the extension playlists?

I would like to know where are the data stored, if I reinstall chrome, Will I loose my playlists?

Dennis Quigley

Apr 11, 2019

Play Oldest To Newest

Is there a way to reverse the order of a created playlist in this app in order to play them in chronological order?

I cannot understand how Youtube continues to fail to understand that some people don't start at the end of a movie and watch it backward; possibly they live in Blogland.

Seph McCarty

Jul 14, 2018


showing this as a way to watch more ed sheeran videos faster is not effective marketing

Kesley DM

Apr 7, 2018

More Options to Save Playlists to Our YouTube Account

I would like the option to save these playlists in our personal youtube accounts.

Gersivan Oliveira

Jul 30, 2017


Backup ou importação/exportação seria uma boa opção.

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