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Feather Osborn

Oct 13, 2021

oauth tab endless loop

using brave, but shields are down and adblock is off. after i install the extension there's a rapid endless inescapable cycle of tab(s?) opening and closing. very fast but i catch oauth mentioned in the title briefly.

Rick Powell

Jan 23, 2019

Change Twitter account

How do I change the Twitter account Chromnitweet has access to?


Jul 11, 2018

authorizing problem

it stuck on authorizing page..
it says redirecting...only

JV Schiavo

Mar 13, 2017


Why does it ask to read my browsing history??

Ian Kipchirchir

Feb 22, 2016

Duplicate Status Error

Every time I post a tweet, I get a pop-up saying "Oops! Duplicate Status" even though I posted the status once. What might be the problem?


Nov 30, 2015

Notifications stopped

Before, right after i hit enter, the tweet pop-up appears. But now, zero notification. i tried reinstalling it, but still nothing.

How can this problem be solved?

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 20, 2013

Opening new tabs

Please explain to me why this app keeps opening new tabs in Chrome when I am on completely unrelated sites, and not even signed in to Twitter? I've revoked access, I just want it gone. How can it go away?!

Maricruz Gutiérrez

Nov 17, 2013

Ya no puedo twitear desde la barra de direcciones

Ahora me dirige a mi perfil de twitter, y ya no puedo twitear desde la barra de direcciones sin necesidad de abrir mi perfil.

Rómulo M. Soto Díaz

Nov 17, 2013

Pide autorización a Twitter siempre

Desde hoy, que lo volví a habilitar, cada vez que abro Chrome me aparece la página de Twitter donde esta aplicación solicita permiso. Algo no esta funcionando bien porque autorización tiene, pero siempre me la esta pidiendo. La he tenido que deshabilitar temporalmente.

Matthew Petty

Sep 23, 2013

Stopped working after Chrome update

Stopped working after Chrome update.

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