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Melanto Nino

Jul 26, 2023

Thanks for the helpful update

Thank you very much. The extension works again since the update of 07/25/2023! I am thrilled! THANKS

Melanto Nino

Jul 20, 2023

Extension does not work anymore!

Since the update from 19.07.2023, the extension unfortunately no longer works! The pages jerk and falter, before the update everything ran smoothly. Please correct. THANKS Guido


Mar 25, 2023

Please Consider Adding A Reset Button To The Extension

There are times when having a reset button available would make your extension even better, please consider the possibility of adding one in the future.

Matthew Brooks

Jan 13, 2023

doesn't work well with overlay scrollbars

when enabling overlay scrollbars (in chrome://flags/ settings page) with this extension the bars do not show unless you scroll to the very bottom or top and hit the end. If I disable this extension then the overlay scrollbars appear fine.

Aria (Orthestral)

Aug 28, 2022

Trying to type a space scrolls down in some cases

In some cases, hitting spacebar with a text input selected won't type a space, but rather scroll down if the page is taller than the viewport.

I've noticed this in the Gradio UI as well as on this page


Jan 9, 2022

Please fix !!

It is very laggy when scrolling in a page with a lot of contents. like Youtube, Pinterest.
Have to disable this extension to have a better expierence, please fix !!


Nov 10, 2021

Ctrl-Home is blocked

Without this extension Ctrl-Home takes you to the top of the page. This doesn't happen when the extension is disabled. Frustrating.

Trường Lê

Oct 4, 2021

do more and simple option please

scroll wheel: scroll speed 1px - 20px
keyboard: scroll speed 1px - 20px
keyboard hold shift and ↑/↓ scroll faster 20px, hold ctrl slower scroll 1px
space scroll 2/3 page
reset button


Feb 9, 2021

Bouncy edge blured

When bouncy edge effect is working all page become blured for that moment. It should be like that?

Richard N Haire

Oct 17, 2020

Not working on TweetDeck

Hello .... love the extension on nearly all pages I visit ... however, on one of my main sites ( ), it's not working. Any ideas why?


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