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Ayser Bataineh

Apr 4, 2024

Bing search engine

Hello dear,
First I would really thank you for this great extention which helps me to use bing and cortana search bar with chrome.

but I have a problem which if google chrome was closed and I use the search it will open the results in google chrome but it will use Bing search engine after google chrome is opened any search within the windows search box it will be hit to google chrome with google search engine

So the problem occurs only if chrome is closed.

Marco Patrignani

Mar 29, 2023

Is there a way to whitelist a single bing page?

Bing recently implemented the AI in the search engine, I'd like to whitelist only a single page (for example, so that I can access the AI from that page and redirect the rest of the search results.

It would also be great to have a dropdown menu when clicking the Chrometana icon, instead of being redirected to a new page to enable/disable it (Instead of whitelisting the page)

Fred Roven

Jun 26, 2022

Chrometana Pro

It seems there are many comments here about combination of EdgeDeflector and Chrometana not working and I don't see any solutions suggested. Do you expect it should be working for Windows 11? As with many comments, EdgeDeflector option not available to open edge. Is there another way to get Chrometana to work without EdgeDeflector?

Tsukuyume's thorough gaming; highlights, longplays

Mar 29, 2022

Can it be made so other extensions can affect it?

It'd be useful.

Md Arif

Feb 24, 2022

Not working properly

It did work for cortana but I didn't do anything for search bar for window11 which is the reason I wanted to use this extension. Could you please solve this problem.

Luca B

Jan 30, 2022

Works, but it doesn't.

If I use Cortana to search something online the extensions works fine, and redirect de search to Chrome. But it is not working on searches from the "Search Bar" to the left of the Windows Icon on the right side of the screen. For any search on the search bar, it stills opens Edge and does the search there, using Bing ofc.

Matt Thompson

Jan 28, 2022

No longer working

I reinstalled everything but links open in edge now. If you open Edge Deflector in the default apps control panel the only option is Edge and cannot be changed to Chrome.


Jan 5, 2022

After installing EdgeDeflector

I have followed all the instructions faithfully, but it is not resolved.

The most important issue is that MS Edge automatically launches after installing EdgeDeflector.

The default app selection has been changed from edge to chrome after reset.
However, this part is not resolved.

Please help me!

eric jackson

Dec 30, 2021

dose this work in opera gx because it is not redirecting to google

i installed this on opera gx but it doesn't seem to be working

Michelle Lara

Oct 31, 2021


I dont know how to connect it to Cortana

Google apps