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Ann Hollingworth

Jul 3, 2020

Not compatible?

I can't download from the Google Store because it's not compatible. I have Chrome and G Suite. Any suggestions?

Latoya Bennett

May 4, 2020


I have tried to install the extension to my chrome, I receive an error message that reads: "not compatible." Nothing happens, and I can't download the extension.

Amber Weaver

Dec 29, 2019

Recordings with no sound

I had several students do a recording and submit it on Google Classroom and when I go to grade it, there is no sound at all. The recording will "play" for a minute or two indicating that they did hit the record button and stop button, but there is no sound. Is this something that can be recovered or would this have been some kind of issue on my students end when they recorded?

Laura Gaba

Dec 11, 2019

request access

My students are using this within a Google Slide presentation to insert audio and when we go to play the audio on the slides, each individual one requests access from the owner after they turn it in my Google Classroom. How do we fix this?

Tracy Montgomery

Oct 29, 2019

Voice files saved location?

When recording audio where is the initial audio file stored? I noticed after the audio is recorded there is a download link for saving the file. Is the initial recording saved on a server or is the audio file on the Chromebook. I cannot allow any recording devices that stores student voices at a non-district controlled location.

Maddalyn Eby

Oct 21, 2019


How do I insert this into a slide, I can't figure out how...

Katlyn Schillinger

Aug 29, 2019

My daughter needs to use the MP3 Habla Cloud for school

I there a way to put this on my macbook pro. It shows it's not compatible. I don't know a lot about computers.

Ray Tatro Villa Barranca HOA

Jan 15, 2019

mp3 recorder

Would this be compatible with transpose? i need to play a file through transpose to slow it down then record it then record it as it plays then save it , as transpose does not have a recorder function, and i has tot them to run in the same browser

Outliner Itoh Takashi

Apr 16, 2018

It takes time to save.

Thank you for the wonderful software.

I recorded for 30 minutes.
It took about 3 minutes for the save dialog to appear after stopping.

Google Chrome OS
Version: 65.0.3325.209(Official Build) (64bit)

Sandra Naranjo

Mar 22, 2018


ChromeMP3 freezes after trying to save the audio file when access through the Kiosk. Also, no way to exit it in Kiosk.

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