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Ben Appiah

Apr 11, 2023


I can't download movies

Scott Winslow

Mar 25, 2019


Sadly, this appears to be a dead extension. 100% fail on attempts to program a board.

J Ray

Mar 16, 2018

Nothing happens when I try to upload

I can connect to the arduino on my chromebook but it's not uploading

Marc Carrion

Jan 26, 2018

Compiling Issue

As others, it gets stuck on the Uploading to Compiler Server but it's not compiling or uploading into the Arduino.

Using an Acer C710 chromebook

Jennifer Nickel

Jan 23, 2018


FIX IT!!!!!

Patrick van Staveren

Sep 12, 2017

Open source it?

Hi Casey,

Looks like this has been inactive for a little while - any chance you might be willing to open source the plugin and the compiler server script and someone else pick it up?


quang dinh

Mar 13, 2017

Is there any server replacement ?

According to main.js, code (ino) is uploaded to this URL
for compilation. However, it seems to be dead.

Just hope there will be some "good-guys" to provide such service :-D

Giorgio Tsiotas

Mar 8, 2017

compiler doesn't work

Tried to upload a program but app hangs on "uploading to compiler server"

Klaus Brenning

Mar 8, 2017

Chrome Duino was istuploading compiler

Uploading compiler

Juan Antonio Velasco Hita

Mar 6, 2017

Conexíon Arduino - Ordenador


Conecta bien Arduino con el Ordenador? Se puede conectar una placa clónica?




Connect Arduino with computer? Clonic board work too?


Google apps