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Apr 11, 2022

No longer shows on active window


The tab counter figure in app icon used to show active tabs on active window now it shows active tabs on all active windows. Can you please enable a feature to switch between the two?

Shanief Webb

Oct 15, 2021

Count by domain

Is there a way to get a count of tabs open per host/domain (extracted from the URL)?
And a way to close them?

Use case: There are a bunch of Zoom tabs or Google Search tabs open in various windows that I want to easily close, but I currently have to find/go to each individual one and close them

Robin Tan

Jul 26, 2021

Number of windows counter

Hi, can you please add showing the number of windows opened (not tabs).

Sebastian Wientzek

Jul 1, 2020

Whitelist and the New Tab/ in german Neuer Tab or just activating it?

If I use multiple new tabs then the last one get's closed but not the first will be 'focused'. The focus goes to the last page then.

Another point to this new tab would be for me, if I could whitelist it. Is that possible? I tried several urls for it but it didn't work:

Neuer Tab
New Tab

Is there another way that would be correct?

Thank you very much!

Best regards


May 20, 2020

the background color for the numbers is red

i personally don't like it, mostly because it seems like there is something wrong with my tabs, and the backgrounds dont match with ABP, which annoys the hell out of me! Please add an option to make the backgrounds for the numbers whatever color we want!!!! Anyone else?

Laurentiu Macovei

May 3, 2020

Please make the counter black and not red!!

Having 55 tabs open is not a bad thing just a fact!

Benjamin Ellis

Apr 16, 2019

Keep track of the most tabs you've ever had open

Just like how there's an all time tabs it'd be cool if there was an all time high for the most tabs you've ever had open at once

Rainbow Warrior Princess

Sep 18, 2018


Also show tabs of active window

Allan Laal

Aug 26, 2017

does not report accurate numbers

I have to kill and reactivate this plugin so it would update to the correct tab numbers

Skyler Burwell

Apr 28, 2016

Can't install

Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load extension icon 'icon31.png'.'.

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