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Rohit DudaMay 27, 2024

Fantastic extension. Was an absolute lifesaver during Step 1, paid for Step 2 studying during M3. Worth every penny. Only request would be the ability to toggle off the orange/green/yellow bars telling you where to find question material. Can be a bit distracting and buggy at times. Either way, works brilliantly.

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Aakash SApr 22, 2024

Excellent for Step 2!

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Shalin ShahApr 16, 2024

For everyone having issues with the qid copying feature, click on the add on and check the box that says "clipboard query copy during question review" and refresh the page and it should start working again

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David NacouziApr 15, 2024

The automatic qid tag copying feature suddenly stopped working. I've had no problem until now and followed all the install instructions initially. Any idea how to fix this?

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BasilMedDeveloperApr 18, 2024

The new update made it an optional toggle you can switch on/off in the extension settings.

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Meesha TrivediFeb 29, 2024

hi! this is great for step 1! i am wondering if i am understanding correctly that the best way to use this for step 2 would be to first upgrade from anking v11 to anking v12? because most of the uworld question ID tags aren't there in the v11 deck (which I'm assuming is what this extension pulls from to work?). do you know if these tags are available in the v12 deck? thanks!!

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BasilMedDeveloperMar 8, 2024

Update 4/15: With our new update the extension will lookup tags within itself then search for individual cards! Older versions of the Anking deck will work fine. That's correct, most of the tags are available in v12! Image-less versions of the v12 deck are available online for free. We plan to include functionality to automatically update your tags in the future.

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J WFeb 17, 2024

Doesn't work and there doesn't seem to be support for this extension with everyone having the same problem of getting results of 0 of 0 cards.

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BasilMedDeveloperFeb 19, 2024

Thank for your very valuable feedback. Just to clarify we do provide plenty of support and the extension is working fine for the majority of our users. Almost all issues are with people using V11 or older versions of Anking. If you are finding 0 of 0 cards that is most likely because you are on an older version. Uworld has updated the question IDs on many questions and also added new questions, neither of these changes will be tagged in your deck if it is an older version. Anking v12 is the minimum needed to use the extension for step2, we will be happy to help provide those tags if you don't have them. Our extension helps link your browser to your anki deck, while we can update the extension easily, we have no way of updating your anki deck at present, although we plan to add support in the near future. If you are still having trouble feel free to contact us at the developer email listed in the extension details section. Over 98% of users who contact us with issues have had them resolved easily.

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MinnieDec 26, 2023

Hi, I recently purchased this and downloaded the Anking v11 (since you have to pay for v12) and its not recognizing any of the UWorld questions. As a matter of fact, nothing pops up when I'm reviewing my question sets and I followed the instructions to the T. Any suggestions to get this working? If not, I'd like my $15 refund, please.

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BasilMedDeveloperJan 4, 2024

Hi, we are happy to help troubleshoot. Feel free to email us at the developer email address listed in the extension details section below.

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Rebekah GAug 20, 2023

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but for the STEP2 version, it only recognizes anki cards associated with maybe 1-2 questions per block, which obviously leaves a LOT of questions uncovered. The STEP1 version of this app functioned perfectly and nearly every question had associated anki cards, so I'm not sure what is wrong or different?

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BasilMedDeveloperNov 6, 2023

Upgrading to Anking v12 or above will add many more uworld tags to your Anki deck covering most questions. In an upcoming update we will be adding an option to automatically add all question tags to your deck for free.

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Angelica PhamJul 6, 2023

Hi, I'm having trouble getting this to work on UWorld. It worked a month ago, but suddenly information from First Aid/Sketchy etc. will not show up on question review. Any help is appreciated!

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Alan LamJun 22, 2023

This has been a life saver when reviewing uWorld questions. Thanks for making this!

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