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C. Todd

Jan 21, 2024

Reorder of steps

It would be nice if there was way to reorder the steps. Upon reviewing a document and noticing a step was missed (this can happen when the application pops up a window). CSR provides a way to manually add a screen shot (ctrl+shift+1), but there is no way to then move this step to its proper location.

C. Todd

Jan 21, 2024

PDF Printing

If the user comments exceed the size of the entry field (a scroll bar appears). All the comments are not printed in the resulting PDF file. The user must manually expand these boxes, to show all data, prior to printing.

C. Todd

Jan 21, 2024

User Comments missing

When reviewing a documents details (when being created). You have the option to save the file as HTML. This option is not saving the user entered comments consistently. I have had it same none of the comments and sometimes it will save random steps (1-5 of 12).

sky test

Jun 29, 2023

Screenshot Copy

Is there any short cut key to use to Copy and paste the Screenshots recorded.
If not.. is there any chance to download just the whole file of just Screenshots?

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