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C. ToddJan 21, 2024

Powerful tool for creating quick user docs or providing developers documentation of issues during Alpha/Beta testing.

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Staging SiteJan 18, 2023

Load time is not capturing correctly. It is capturing just previous step Load time in the Next event. Please look into this.

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Richard EdwardsDeveloperFeb 3, 2023

Hi, If there's a specific site where you're seeing an repeatable issues please let me know via the "contact the developer" link and i'll happily support. Other than this, it seems to be working as expected. The tool is designed to capture, store and present the information available at the time of each action. Clicking a link is the action, you get the time *THAT* page was loaded, not the time the subsequent page took to load. You just need to do an action on the next page to get the next page's load time. The page load timings you see are capture by Chrome - it uses the PAGE NAVIGATION API (link at the end!). Things like async JS calls and lazy loading are not part of this catpure processs. The key bit is that if the page does not change, and you do multiple actions, the timings in chrome do not change. Since chrome doesn't change the tool doesn't have any further data to present. Think of a quick google search as a use case: 1. Hit the google home page and enter something in the search box - page load time is captured 1234ms. 2. Press the search button - page load time is still 1234ms because when you pressed search, this was the home page's timings. 3. On the search results page, do a "capture current state" - page load timings are now 321ms. The page changed, chrome capture the new values. If in doubt and you still don't want to see the page load times, you can disable them from the view by unticking the box labelled "Page information - Show page times" on the detailed resutls page. You can see this information in its raw form in devtools by running: window.performance.getEntriesByType("navigation")[0] IF you need to know more about these timings, they're a web standard - this is a handy site to learn more:

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Paul Michael Madrona TicarJul 25, 2022

Savior!!!, just looking for a shortcut key for Capture Current State, since some interactions won't be captured automatically.

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Richard EdwardsDeveloperJul 25, 2022

Hi - thanks for the review and the feedback. I've just implemented a keyboard shortcut to capture the current state as requested - it's with google to review then it will auto-publish. Keep an eye out and it will be with you soon 👍 Default is keys are set to Ctrl+Shift+Q but (docs say) you can change this yourself as you need at chrome://extensions/shortcuts as you need.

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John AlexanderFeb 3, 2021

Simple to install, powerful in what it achieves. I especially like the screenshot feature :)

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David RiglerJan 25, 2021

This is a powerful addition to Chrome that helps testers, business analysts and process capture in general.

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