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Lynda C.

May 14, 2024

Right click menu option is not working

Hello, love the extension and would love to use the new right click feature but it is not appearing. Can you tell me how I can get it to work?


Nov 29, 2023

Cannot Access Chrome Notes, though I found file with partial content

I experienced issue with Google sign-in, but the matter was resolved. Now, Chrome Notes is barren when accessing. I located file with only partial content, I want to retrieve all data entered on the chrome extension.

Rajneesh Rana

Oct 25, 2023

the size of notes squeez day by day dont how to same as like before

The size of notes squeez day by day dont how to same as like before, please give an update to related with this problem, otherwise i have no other option to working with it.

Fiverr Business

Jul 5, 2023

Lost all my notes - No Update, No Cleared Data

Hi, I currently use your app 'chrome notes' and I have lost all of my notes (200+). I have no idea how this happened. I just logged in and they were all gone. I did not clear my cache, all my web browser history/data is still there. I didn't update chrome and/or my computer (I don't have the disk space to update). Everything is the same, but I have lost at least 200 notes. Is there a way to restore it, or just help me find the folder of it on Macbook pro. I am in desperate need of a solution and I don't have a backup where I downloaded it.

Meti Mulugeta

Jun 10, 2023

I lost my notes !!!

I accidentally got signed out of chrome and when I logged in I can't find half the chaper notes i wrote on chrome notes! where does it store the data?

Farazi Forhad

May 23, 2023

lost my data

All the data is lost, it was working fine a few hours ago but now suddenly I open it and see that my existing data is nothing and a new interface is coming and all the old notes are gone.

Dennis J Friedman

Mar 31, 2023

Chrome Notes 1.2.0 ID: lnfempckkegmaeleniojhjplemmebgfi

Chrome Notes1.2.0 ID: lnfempckkegmaeleniojhjplemmebgfi
Problem, your notes is beond the top of the page & out of my view & i am unable to move it down, please tell me how to fix my problem. please ASAP & contact me by email
next problem the X the top right deletes my content. This should not be on everything else it only closes the page. But you it deletes everything on the page I can't have this, it is automatic. I go hit X to close the page like everything else & it gets deleted.
& you need to put another icon on the bottom of the page so I can select, (a next new page, it would be so much easier to that than go to the top of the page & click on your bars, & with my present problem I could gone to a new page with no problem. Know I am stuck & it is causing me lots of problems.
Can you tell me how to move all my current pages from (Chrome Notepad 6.1.0,, with 2.5 MB on it can your notes handle that tranfer & still have room it grow)

beep bop

Mar 19, 2023


My notes got deleted. I have lost so much information. why?

Chris Hansen

Jan 14, 2023

Chrome notes across 2 computers

I use chrome as my browser across two devices. I would like to have a note I capture on one computer be available on the other when I fire that one up. Does Chrome note have that functionality?

Larry Harkins

Dec 9, 2022

app launch

I loaded your app on my chromebook, but can't find out how to launch/use it.

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