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CEO of Boredom

Oct 23, 2022

cant remove it

i just cant remove the damn theme

Adriana Farlow

Mar 2, 2020

Taking chrome midnight off

Hi, I do really like this chrome midnight customisation but I have been told I need to turn it off because this is a laptop provided by my school. I have tried to figure it out but it is simply not working. Would you please tell me how exactly how I am to remove it?

Stephen Gailliot

Nov 19, 2019

Chrome midnight for google

I can't take it off and I want it off.

Marieke Kaashoek

Sep 25, 2019

dark theme

ik heb een hekel aan dit thema ik wil het verwijderen maar het lukt me niet hoe kan ik dit weer verwijderen?

Hépatite F

Jul 17, 2019

c'est pas du tout sérieux

impossible d'effacer ce cancer.. comment faire c'est pas du tout sérieux

Rwby Rocks

Nov 9, 2018

i cant take off this

i cant remove this


Jul 17, 2018

tab color

first of all thanks for your great work on both the midnight theme and play extensions.
now my question :)
can u guide me on how to change the midnight theme (active and inactive) tabs background white and tabs fonts to black.
is it even possible ?

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