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16 ratings

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András KastalMay 23, 2024

The effect is too weak. Needs a setting to increase thickness.

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Karen SmithMay 10, 2024

I would love it if this would allow me to see the font in bold. However, after searching for days to find something that could darken the font so I could actually read the screen, I am grateful this has helped.

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Google UserMar 28, 2024

Mediocre at best. While this extension is (slightly) better than nothing it still falls extremely short. It doesn't always work in Chrome. In contrast, it works well in Edge. This extension lacks the user control/ability to darken (manually) within the options. But the real issue is why website developers are choosing to go with light,thin fonts in the first place. Who's bright idea was this? Maybe Apple way back then? More websites are using whitish backgrounds and light thin faults. Peopl... Show more

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MR. PHILIP YATERJan 21, 2024

Only the style of `text-shadow: rgb(51, 51, 51) 0px 0px 0px !important;` is used, which is not as good as

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Sanket KhatavkarNov 11, 2023

Thanks a lot for this very useful extension. It helps eyes due to the enabling of crisper darker text.

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lee fcJun 22, 2023

text-shadow: #191717 0px 0px 0px !important;

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Norma CooneyMay 23, 2023

I really like this ext also. I have such a horrendous time trying to read these ridiculous grey fonts. There are a couple of things I would like to mention. For months now my past events in Google Calendar were not dimming and it was frustrating trying to find an answer. DUH!! it's this extension. It hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. I turned it off and my calendar was acting like it should. I did try to put that into the extension but it still does it so obviously I'm doing so... Show more

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Shahmi Saidi (TechnoSparks)Feb 6, 2023

Needs a way to modify the "strength"

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tfitfi20DeveloperFeb 27, 2023

In the past there was a slider to control the darkness, I removed it because almost unnecessary, too much darkness gave bad results. Maybe I'll implement it again in the future.

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P Richard YarbroughOct 16, 2022

Many websites render text in light gray and/or thin fonts that are not easy to read. If that is the problem you are trying to solve, this extension is for you. It will darken light text and thicken thin font. It will darken very light text more than text that is already darker, and thicken very thin font more than font that is already a little thicker. Makes webpages easier to read without overdoing anything. Enable/disable switches appear when you click on the extension on chrome toolbar, ... Show more

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tfitfi20DeveloperFeb 27, 2023

@Donna Morrow: Hi, this extension requires full access to every page you visit because it's the only way to modify page code (in order to enhance text). This extension is totally safe, it was checked by Google which approved it after analyzing its content. No harmful code was put in this extension and no data is modified/stolen. I created this extension just because I was tired of the suboptimal rendering of fonts in Chrome. Hope you'll find it useful.

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Brian ChanAug 24, 2022

This extension is amazing. Just works without any adjustments. All fonts look much better now.

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