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Michael Barrett

Sep 21, 2023

New Chrome Web Store

Your extension doesn't work on the new website. I sure hope that you can fix this before they sunset the old Web Store. I use your extension quite frequently. It's the best viewer/downloader in the store. Regards

Laura Hood

Nov 13, 2022

How DO I turn on the chrome os so i can download somthing from the web

cant find the chrome os setting to turn it on

Minh Quân Trần

Sep 27, 2022

viewing source chrome://extensions ?

it's works very good but is i can view scoure a extension has been removed by policy violation but still can enable with chrome://extensions or a extension loaded by folder?

Deepesh Talwar

Jun 15, 2022

Code alteration

Can I alter the code a bit like change the name,images and all and then publish the extension? Will chrome allow me to do this?

Richard Chen

Sep 29, 2020

Not working any longer

Can't view source of extensions as described in your screenshots.


Sep 14, 2020

the best extension in the world

its very cooooooool

Siddharth Shekher

May 14, 2020

Unable to download

Extension is not loading on chrome.

female madara

May 1, 2020

chrome web store

i cant download anything

peter betts

Apr 28, 2020

access denied

Hi, i get this:
Error: Access is denied to chrome:// and Chrome Store pages

Chillpainter Channel

Aug 14, 2019

Trying to do GNU Assembler - Thank you for your help! -Chris

Hello, within NaCl Development Environment I'm using sample code hello.asm as shown below. I then issue the commands shown. It seems to compile and link ok, but when I try to run it, I get the error below. Any ideas? I'm just trying to see if I can get some basic assembler running in NaCl. Thank you!

.text # section declaration

# we must export the entry point to the ELF linker or
.global _start # loader. They conventionally recognize _start as their
# entry point. Use ld -e foo to override the default.
# write our string to stdout
movl $len,%edx # third argument: message length
movl $msg,%ecx # second argument: pointer to message to write
movl $1,%ebx # first argument: file handle (stdout)
movl $4,%eax # system call number (sys_write)
int $0x80 # call kernel
# and exit

movl $0,%ebx # first argument: exit code
movl $1,%eax # system call number (sys_exit)
int $0x80 # call kernel

.data # section declaration

.ascii "Hello, world!\n" # our dear string
len = . - msg # length of our dear string

bash.nmf-4.3$ as -o hello.o hello.asm

bash.nmf-4.3$ ld -s -o hello hello.o

bash.nmf-4.3$ ./hello

./hello: NaCl module load failed: Validation failure. File violates Native Client safety rules.

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