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Kiana Truong

May 16, 2024

Unable to purchase premium version

Hi, when I try to purchase the premium version, the pop up just loads but doesn't allow me to add payment information.

Mike Allen

May 9, 2024

Please cancel my subscription. Thanks!

Please cancel my subscription. Thanks!


May 4, 2024

I need to cancel my account but you are making it difficult. Please cancel my account ASAP

Hello ,

I need to cancel my account but you are making it difficult.

Please cancel my account ASAP.

user email :
I do not wish to be billed for any months other than the current one.

Kindly cancel my account as quickly as possible.

I will leave this as proof and take the necessary steps if this is not done.


Kind regards.

Muhammad Abdullah

May 3, 2024


hey bought premium but it isnt working please check


ZaCloud StriFair

Apr 29, 2024

How to turn off right-click context menu?

Hello. How do I get rid of this extension adding itself to my right-click (context) menu while using Chrome? I don't need that function, & the menu's so long from extensions invading it that I have to SCROLL the menu to use simple everyday functions. 😥

Pedro Silva

Apr 24, 2024

Change premium access email

Hello! I have the premium subscription to the GIF tool in my corporate account:, but this account was recently deleted, and now to access the resources that we are paying for, I need to change the access that was in this account, to this new email:
It's possible? I apologize for the bad English, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator.

Jacopo Marrone

Apr 22, 2024

Can i force language to be english ?

Is it possible ?
Asking this because Italian localization is not great and so I'd like to force english language but haven't found a language selector.

Nick Hong

Apr 22, 2024

Screen capture not downloading directly

The extension previously allowed the option to begin the GIF download directly after completing the capture. Now, it will always open the editor tab even though the "screenshot access by" option is set to Download.

Caleb Steele

Apr 19, 2024

can I change the email that I login with?

I need to change it from my work email to my personal email

Trevor Conrad

Apr 15, 2024

Screencapture recording not saving.

Been using ChromeCapture for quite some time and love it. But for some reason the tab that used to pop up after the screen record isn't popping up. I'm not sure if there was an update that's created a bit of this bug? Or a chrome update that's done this? But would love some help

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