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Karen Denning

Feb 15, 2024

Is this a possibility?

I love this, it's so handy & I use it a lot!

If it's possible, can this be pinned open while switching between tabs?
I design WordPress sites and have to switch between tabs often to go grab color codes.
It would be great if it could follow me around so to speak, no doubt other designers would
like that too. I know nothing about how browsers are coded so maybe I'm wishing beyond
capabilities (???).


Fr Kevin PJ Coffey

Jan 5, 2023

Where's the eyedropper?

I'm running Chroma: Ultimate Eyedropper & Color Picker 1.0.22 with Chrome Version 108.0.5359.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my ChromeBook.
The extension is installed and pinned; I can see the pink icon.

I go to URL where I right click on a colored rectangle. From the menu that appears I select Pick a Color. A black rectangle appears with five (5) white plus signs to the left, a recycle/refresh icon, and the stacked hamburger icon. Within the Setting menu, the three (3) options are all on.

Now what do I do? My cursor doesn't seem to change. Clicking, left or right, on a + doesn't do anything.

How do I actually pick a color?

I am very lost!

Howie Chin

Dec 6, 2022

love this, but it cannot read the PDF file.

I have some PDF files opened in the tab, and I'd like to get the color data with your extension, is there any other way around it?

At the moment, it doesn't work.

Adelaida García Lares

Aug 19, 2022


Since I download the extension, the eyedropper does not want to start, I have my browser updated, but the one I use is Opera GX, which allows me to install Chrome extensions. I don't know if that's what affects the extension.

Jacob Shuman

Jun 20, 2022

Excessive Permissions?

I like the extension so far but I am a bit concerned with the permissions it requires. I'm not sure why my location (IP address, GPS coordinates, etc would need to be tracked for a colour picker. Can you please elaborate on why these permissions are necessary?

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