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Sehen Sie ChatGPT-Antworten neben Suchergebnissen. Fassen Sie jede Webseite oder jedes YouTube-Video mit Hilfe von AI-gesteuertem…

Discover the novel blend of traditional search results and AI-powered chat responses with ChitChat, a browser extension that supercharges your search engine capabilities. This extension, powered by ChatGPT, works flawlessly with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo, presenting AI-generated responses right beside your standard search results. Interested in launching a conversation with AI immediately after obtaining your answer? ChitChat, backed by the intelligence of ChatGPT, makes it a breeze. Moreover, with ChitChat for Chrome, you can swiftly access the ChatGPT extension through a popup window. This free tool combines the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT and the convenience of your web browser. Pose any question and receive accurate, succinct answers in real-time, thanks to the power of ChatGPT. Level up your AI experience with this Chrome extension today. Here's a brief overview of the distinctive features of this extension: Chrome Browser Access: With ChitChat, ChatGPT is readily accessible from your browser's extension popup. There's no need to switch to a separate website or application. Code Highlighting: This feature, using ChatGPT's intelligent understanding, identifies and highlights code snippets within your conversation, enhancing comprehension of code in context. Dark Mode: ChitChat includes a dark mode for a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions, reducing eye fatigue. Clipboard Copy Feature: Powered by ChatGPT, this extension enables easy copying of text from the chat to your clipboard, particularly useful when transferring information to other apps or documents. Summary: With ChitChat, summarizing webpages or YouTube videos is as easy as right-clicking and selecting 'summary'. This GPT-4 powered feature will provide a time-saving summary for your convenience. We are certain you'll find our ChatGPT-powered extension incredibly beneficial! We eagerly look forward to your reviews and feedback. If you stumble upon any issues or find that something isn't functioning properly, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Introducing a revolutionary browsing companion, ChatGPT for Google, a browser extension designed to enhance your digital life. Powered by GPT-4 architecture, this browser extension takes full advantage of the AI technologies of ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard, YouChat, Bing AI, and Bard AI to make your browsing experience smoother, smarter, and more personalized. ChatGPT is the star feature of the extension. As an AI powered by the advanced GPT-4, ChatGPT acts as a virtual assistant that provides prompt responses to your queries, offers insightful recommendations, and assists you in navigating the web. Think of ChatGPT as a friendly guide that's always there to help you make the most of your online activities. The inclusion of Bing Chat transforms your search experience. Using the sophisticated Bing AI, Bing Chat provides a chat function that lets you interact with your browser in real-time, converting your browsing experience into a dynamic dialogue. With Bing Chat, you receive direct, relevant answers to your inquiries, reducing the time you spend scrolling through multiple pages. Google Bard is also part of this game-changing extension. It's an AI application that leverages Bard AI and the GPT-4 model to generate insightful, engaging, and compelling text. With Google Bard, browsing becomes a more enriching experience. It's like having a digital poet in your browser, turning ordinary online reading into a piece of art. YouChat brings a social aspect to the extension, making browsing a shared experience. Through the power of GPT-4 and Bing AI, YouChat lets you interact with a community of users. Discuss, share information, or simply hang out with others while you browse. It adds a social element to your online journey, making it more enjoyable and enriching. Finally, the integration of Bing AI and Bard AI, supported by the powerful GPT-4, heightens the capabilities of the extension. Bing AI provides personalized search results, while Bard AI facilitates eloquent text generation. Together, they ensure a smooth and highly tailored browsing experience. Microsoft oblige à utiliser Microsoft Edge pour Bing AI (Chat GPT v4). Cette extension permet d'utiliser le chatbot Bing AI avec Google Chrome et d'autres navigateurs Chromium en définissant des en-têtes HTTP appropriés pour le domaine In a nutshell, ChatGPT for Google is more than an extension; it's an intelligent companion that enriches your digital life. Whether you're engaging with ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard, YouChat, or enjoying the advanced capabilities of Bing AI and Bard AI built on GPT-4, you're promised an immersive, interactive, and personalized browsing experience. Upgrade your browsing today with ChatGPT for Google, and step into the future of the internet.

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Clara JadeJun 25, 2024

Not working, I'm using TinaMind now

7 out of 7 found this helpful
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Ferdouse AktherApr 30, 2024

At first it worked perfectly fine but now with the new update it doesn't work at all it just repeats what you said before. I'd go with the actual ChatGPT that this.

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Erion DervishiApr 5, 2024

Used an AI tool; it was alright but cost an arm and a leg. Then I tried ReplyPal extension AI, free and supposedly unlimited with GPT calls. Surprisingly, it lived up to the hype. Color me impressed.

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