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João Espada

Jan 18, 2024

Hovering stops video

Anytime I'm watching a video and I hover over a chinese character, the video stops. Is there any way to prevent this? I'd like to keep watching videos and checking characters. Thank you!


Sep 10, 2023

"character dictionary shortcut" in Japanese

Thank you very much for the wonderful tool.

One question. I want to display the result displayed in "character dictionary shortcut" in Japanese. How do I change my settings?

Mini Duos Samsung

Aug 23, 2023

Hi, a couple of ideas to (maybe) make the addon yet better )

Suggestions for add-on's further development:
1. Make strokes colours in Calligraphy writer customizable (now fixed red/green, and these are quite popular colors for tone-coloring, so this could lead to some mess in mnemonics, because in Calligraphy writer these colors have no relation to tones. I'd personally would prefer blue or gray shades as they are not used in my tone-coloring scenario, similarly it can be possible for other users who use red/green for tone colors).
2. Now there are no tone-colors in popup dictionary, can tone colors be added there, too? At least to the lookup word itself and its pinyin/bopomofo? It could be especially useful for users in expert mode without text coloring to lookup specific words and immediately see their color tone which is a quicker and a more intuitive way of rendering and memorizing tones than tone diacritics or numbers.

Harry Li

Jul 24, 2023

It's Great but ...

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn this on and off. All the functionality is great, however I don't want to have it on "all the time." I would like to be able to turn it on and off when I need it. Is there no on / off button ?

Mandarim Tupiniquim

Jun 1, 2023

An option to mark learned characters only instead of words

For example, when I click 苹 or 果 from 苹果, the extension marks as learned only the character I clicked, and not the word. It would be very helpful for the method I use with my students! Thank you!

IEnableMuch Dev

Jun 1, 2023

CWS developer here

Changing the voice of text-to-speech

The browser's SpeechSynthesis API cannot pick voices that are specific to a browser (e.g., Edge), it can only pick the voices that comes from the operating system. Chinese words separator uses SpeechSynthesis API for its text-to-speech functionality. There are two ways to change the voice for Chinese words separator's text-to-speech: * Change the voice in the operating system: * Use Microsoft Bing Translator's text-to-speech:

IEnableMuch Dev

Jun 1, 2023

CWS developer here

Show the Chinese words of the English word. Learn Chinese even while reading English text, this functionality can be used by native Chinese speakers to learn English as well

Mandarim Tupiniquim

May 29, 2023


I'm a chinese teacher from Brazil and your extension has ALL the features I need to make better materials for my students, I don't know how to thank you!!!


Feb 17, 2023

Learned words database sync? Learned words list.

Hi there!

First of all, amazing extension you have writtten, it is very useful!

I have two questions/suggestions:

1.) Wordlist Sync?
Maybe I haven't figured it out but how do I get to sync my known words list across different devices ? I have a windows laptop at work and mac at home. I am logged in with the same google account but I don't think there is a way to sync the word list? I managed to copy the associated file in the extensions folder manually, but that is obviously not very practical.

Is there an option somewhere that I missed? If not, any chance to add automatic sync somehow ?

2. Is there a way to show my current learned/unknown word list similar to the 'recall' UI? That might be another way of solving the sync issue above (if sync is not possible). Letting users export/import known word lists to a csv or txt file.


Andrew Hunter

Nov 29, 2022

Options don't work on subtitles

I'm running into a problem where options don't apply properly to Netflix or YouTube subtitles. The options work properly with plain text, just not subtitles.
For example, I wanted to turn off the English translations under the characters, but it does not work.
I love the extension so far! Great work!

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