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M KingJun 24, 2024


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Charles TanJun 17, 2024

Its an amazing extension❗Super useful and convenient to use and learn Chinese Thanks you for making it❗

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Parsa ShamaeezadehMay 29, 2024

Quite an amazing tool.

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KantulaevMar 3, 2024

add dark mode on offline reading page. pls Best one for chinese believe me i tried so many different and it is all in one. SUPER customizible ty you are the best!!!!! UPDATE. Hey add second subs on netflix that would be awesome, i use different app for this, but its collapsinng with this ext, if it possible thanks. just a optinal feature. thanks!!

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IEnableMuch DevDeveloperMar 3, 2024

Thanks, will add dark/light mode to Offline Reading Page like how CWS's Settings screen follows the dark/light mode of the browser/operating system. Need to consider though if the dark/light mode of Parallel Text of Offline Reading Page should just follow the browser/operating system's dark/light mode or not, as Parallel Text is also used in websites, majority of which, uses light mode only. If not, need to make the dark/light mode of Parallel Text be independently configurable UPDATE(March 10): Still can't find the Netflix API for reading the other languages subtitles. I feel the other extensions developers are relying on some not well-known techniques to do that, and they kept the techniques proprietary for their competitive advantage. For the meantime, you can use the browser's built-in translator to translate the Chinese subtitle to English on-the-fly, you can follow the instruction here: After following the steps from that link, click CWS icon from Chrome's toolbar, then click Hoverless video dictionary

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takky kokoFeb 15, 2024

It's very convenient for learning. As a Japanese person, it's a bit inconvenient that the translation is in only English. It would be even more convenient if there was a way to change the language of the dictionary. Since the popup dictionary when I hover over a word is in English, I would like to change it to Japanese or another language. Is there a way to do that?

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IEnableMuch DevDeveloperFeb 15, 2024

Haven't found where to get the definitions for a Chinese to Japanese dictionary. There's a way to transform English definitions to Japanese when using Chinese words separator though. The steps are at the end of this issue: There are accompanying screenshots on that link how to make the browser translate the English definitions to Japanese

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Oleksandr IvasenkoDec 4, 2023

Super useful add-on. I found a "bug" which I like a lot. Thank you very much!!! Specifically, if a youtube video already has a dedicated Chinese subtitles (not automatically generated !) than clicking beginner mode I will get: 1)pinyin for each word (normal), 2) each word colored according to tones (normal), 3) a "bug": individual translation of each word under the character. cannot paste screenshot, but starting from Chinese subtitle in a video just by activating the extension I get: wǒ d... Show more

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IEnableMuch DevDeveloperDec 4, 2023

> I love that there is not only pinyin but also individual translations under each word. Any chance you can turn it into a feature that would work on any website containing Chinese texts? (at this moment, I only get 1)pinyin for each word (normal), 2) each word colored according to tones (normal)). > If it is already a feature could you please tell me how to properly activate it, so that it provides word-for-word translation not only on youtube videos where the authors have made dedicated Chinese subtitles, but also on any non-video websites with Chinese text? The current implementation is computationally-intensive, as the English words that will be displayed on video's subtitle is determined dynamically. If the user set 10 letters on "Limit English annotation to __ letters" setting of `Hoverless video dictionary`, the English annotator will choose an English word from the dictionary that is 10 letters or below, likewise if the user set that to 6 letters only (the average English word length is 4.7 letters), the English annotator will choose an English word from the dictionary that is 6 letters only or below. Hence, English annotation functionality is implemented on video subtitles only, where the English annotation is done one sentence at a time only. Implementing this on all text will cause performance problem when each word of the page is rendered with English annotation An alternative, the translation of the sentence/phrase can be embedded in the dictionary. The granularity of the translation is by sentence/phrase, not by each word though. Anyway, Chinese is a concise language, for example, "I like it!" is just "我喜欢!" in Chinese, 我 = I, 喜欢 = like. Chinese don't need to express "it" when they are saying "I like it!". You'll have an easier time mapping each Chinese words to English since there are only few words to map between the two languages Having said that, here are the steps to activate embedded translation in the dictionary:

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Natan DobreNov 23, 2023

I would like to have the option of reading only they pinyin without the chinese characters and to have the same function like word separator and the translation when I hover on a word. That would be great!

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IEnableMuch DevDeveloperNov 26, 2023

Done. Available on, in Pending review as of the time of this writing Details:

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Raquel CoySep 21, 2023

Excellent and invaluable tool for learning Chinese!

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Eric ParoissienSep 8, 2023

I solved the issue of the grey left pane for "read off line" that doesn't close by pasting my text into

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IEnableMuch DevDeveloperSep 10, 2023

Hi Eric, on version (Pending review), you can now close the gray left pane of Read Offline by pressing alt+shift together. To show the gray left pane back, press alt+shift again UPDATE (Dec 28, 2023): Added Reading and Edit mode buttons. Prior to these buttons, the alt+shift shortcut was changed to ctrl+alt+shift shortcut, but even that shortcut also conflicted with the way I setup my keyboard. The advantage of having the buttons is that the functionality is also available on devices without keyboard like phones and tablets

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Mini Duos SamsungAug 17, 2023

Great add-on, amazing job, great and very useful! Thanks a lot! Impressive update, a whole bunch of cool new features. Can a couple of things be made on top of this: 1. Make strokes colours in Calligraphy writer customizable (now fixed red/green, and these are quite popular colors for tone-coloring, so this could lead to some mess in mnemonics, because in Calligraphy writer these colors have no relation to tones. I'd personally would prefer blue or gray shades as they are not used in my tone... Show more

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