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Mark Fraser

Apr 28, 2024

"Connected" label

Hi Jörn. This is not a blocker and I realize you may already be aware. But a minor annoyance when connected on Windows/USB with Chessnut on either Lichess or The label on the Connect button says "Connected", in green, even when the board is "off". I verified that it does not actually work in this state (it works only after pressing the on button as you normally do when trying to connect via Bluetooth). This is kind of confusing and it would of course be better if it said "Connected" only when it is ready to play a game.

Andrew Rimmer

Apr 28, 2024

Can I use the DGT bluetooth board?

I can see that Chessconnect supports USB and bluetooth for connecting DGT. However, I am not sure whether this support is for all DGT chess boards or just the pegasus. For example, Google Chrome seems to suggest it only supports Bluetooth LE, which I think means it wouldn't work with the older bluetooth boards which are all classic bluetooth.

Any advice?

Andrew Rimmer

Apr 2, 2024

Chessnut Pro keeps losing connection

My Chessnut Pro keeps losing connection. I played a 15:10 game and connect, it will work for a while but then lose connection. I then have to click Connect to get connected again. I will make several moves and it seems to be working. Then it loses connection again.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Mark Fraser

Mar 30, 2024

Lichess Draw Offer Error

Hi Jörn. I was playing my first game with the extension on Lichess and opponent offered a draw and I got an error page that said something like "Chessconnect error: received ChatLine". Not an exact string as I was not able to capture it and am just going from memory. Probably won't help but just in case here is the game link:

Bob Rhoads

Mar 28, 2024

connected board does not register moves

Dusted off my old DGT board... only ever connected it to Pico chess. I am very excited to use with Thank you for your efforts . I have been trying to connect my board but have not had much success. I have a chessnut air and it work perfectly. when I change settings in chessconnect for the usb DGT I see the serial port select it and the connect button turns green.... when monitoring in Developer mode I see the starting positions but moving the first Piece generates an error. I just read how to save console info will set up for testing this weekend. is there any specific steps I am missing? verified DGT board with DGT rabbit driver every thing checks out.... Thank you again for the effort Chessconnect is brilliant.

Donovan Hoyois

Mar 25, 2024

Can't play against people online on

On, when I connect the board before playing against an AI, I have got no problems but when I click to play online I can not link the board anymore, when I click on "Connect" nothing happens.
In the console "board found with id board. Waiting for game." is shown everytime I click but the board seems to not be linked. I had a game yesterday and had no problems
I use a Chessnut Air on Windows 11.


Mar 24, 2024

Analysis Mode in after last update

Hi Jörn,

analysis mode in, which worked flawlessly in former release, now seems to be broken...first move with white is ok, but after this, black pieces only move when white piece will be moved back to field which it came from...Hardware: Chessnut Air with MacOS. Any Idea?


Joseph Ford

Mar 23, 2024

Bluetooth Connection lichess and Chess dot com

not connecting using bluetooth on MacOS.

InvalidStateError: Failed to execute 'open' on 'SerialPort': A call to open() is already in progress. Error: Failed to execute 'open' on 'SerialPort': A call to open() is already in progress. at DgtSerialBoard.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/chesscomcontent.js:5725:24) at (<anonymous>) at chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/chesscomcontent.js:5686:71 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at dgtserialboard_awaiter (chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/chesscomcontent.js:5682:12) at DgtSerialBoard.connectToPort (chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/chesscomcontent.js:5723:16) at RfcommManager.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/chesscomcontent.js:6740:49) at (<anonymous>) at fulfilled (chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/chesscomcontent.js:6700:58)

Error: Timeout Error: Timeout at SendAndWaitTask.retry (chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/lichesscontent.js:5221:27) at chrome-extension://dmkkcjpbclkkhbdnjgcciohfbnpoaiam/dist/lichesscontent.js:5216:22

Chooser dialog is not displaying a port blocked by the Serial blocklist: bluetoothServiceClassId=00001200-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb, name='Joe’s AirPods Pro'

Peter Sieg

Mar 13, 2024

Is it possible for two physical players to play a rated game in-person?

Hi, Jörn. Is it possible to use this extension to play rated in-person games over the board? I've tried to figure this out on both chessdotcom and lichess to no avail.

Rex Chamberlain

Feb 29, 2024

Certabo BLE

Hi Jörn, I received a trial BLE update for the Certabo bluetooth module from Pietro today, but I have not been successful getting it to connect. Hangs on the 1/3 or 2/3 connecting on I've tried Windows, Mac and ChromeOS all with the same result. I was curious if you have had a chance to try the update and have been able to get it to work. Thanks.

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