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Utkarsh Garg

Jul 26, 2023

Required update

Li chess extension in not working properly.


May 10, 2023


Please add support for macOS Safari, thank you!


Mar 24, 2023

Safari Support?

Please and thank you!

Leonard Kant

Mar 21, 2023


Believe it doesn't work since today.

Youngster Dan

Apr 11, 2022

Doesn't work

Won't work on April 11 2020. Pressing the horse button blinks 'Share' embed, but does nothing

Rob Sharp

Nov 10, 2021

Defaulting to Computer Analysis style PGN, which doesn't import?

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is new or not, my firsat time using this extension for some time now.

In the after game analysis at if I click the Download button to get to the PGN generation section there are two radio buttons marked 'Annotation' and 'Computer Analysis' . It looks like defaults to the Computer Analysis option, which includes some unparsable elements that choke the Lichess importer ( notable seems to be the piece images included in some analysis) . If the same PGN is imparted, but with the Annotation option then tis all fine.

It looks like your extension opens this download option and copies and pastes the PGN, but with the Computer Analysis option being the default ( at least in the game I just played) then the file doesn't actually import.

Jesse Kearl

Oct 26, 2021

Firefox port

Is there a chance this could get ported to Firefox? Love the extension

Julian Orth

Oct 9, 2021

Support for is the new interface for You can still open your games via but the extension doesn't work under /play.


Aug 31, 2021

Exstension not working right now

Clicking on the exstension opens up

Rob Sharp

Jun 3, 2021

Does this work with Daily Games?

Hi there,

I'm trying to use your extention, but when I click the horse icon it takes me to a website called ZeroSharp instead of loading the finished Daily game in a lichess analysis board.

I am trying to use it on a Daily game that has ended and I am logged into lichess and .

Am I doing something wrong, this is my first time trying to use this extention

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