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J.N. Stanley

Mar 9, 2014

wont open

ChemRef will not open at all. I think it started right after some kind of upgrade, but not sure. It used to load as ChemRef, and now as Hydrogen @ chemRef,but when its done the screen is blank.

Morgan Broadbent

Aug 8, 2013

Always Available

This app is amazing but...
My schools internet is extremely slow so I'm unable to load and use this app. Why is not available offline. I have paid for it and I am unable to use it.

Zach L

May 5, 2013

orbital filling

When I select an element on the periodic table then select the orbital filling tab it properly displays the element chosen. If I try to select a different element while still in the orbital filling tab, the filling diagram changes, but the elemental species do not; it remains and the initially selected element.

Graham Reed

Jan 14, 2013

Electron Configuration

It would be a really amazing feature if you included a rotatable 3d representation of electron configurations.

Livie King

Dec 9, 2012

ChemReference: Periodic Table won't load

I've noticed a small issue: Every time I try to change up the settings, afterward the app won't load. It'll be fine so long as I don't close it. But when I try to open it at some other time, it just gives me the "Initializing...
This Should Only Take a Couple Seconds"
message. There's no loading bar (actually, the little circle that goes 'round and 'round) at the top of my tab, but it sits like that for forever until I just close it.
I've had this problem a few times before, so I just deleted the app, then reinstalled it each time. However, I really would like to be able to take advantage of all it wonderful features. I absolutely adore this app.

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