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Jim McNeill

Jul 17, 2023

Keeps saying offline

Hi, there's a couple of us at least having the same problem: Keep saying I am offline even though I am online and logged in to my google account in the extension.
The options page also shows me as logged in

Jan van Veldhuizen

Aug 3, 2022

Can 'Show all tasks' be switched on by default?

Maybe add a setting for it...
I like to have it on immediately after opening the extension

Ian Teves

Jun 1, 2022

Adding multiple list items without tab from disapearing

So I want to add multiple tasks in my to do list but it keeps disappearing whenever I do. Is this a feature that I just havent enabled yet or is a function that hasn't been implemented yet. I really like your product and would even pay to have it. But I need this function to even think about using this product.

Bronson Laureiro

Jan 28, 2022

tasks moved to another date still show in extension

when you move tasks to another date from within the google tasks calendar, the extension does not update the tasks with the new date.

Gideon Brontë

Jan 19, 2022


Sync seems to have stopped working. Tasks marked complete and deleted via mobile device are still showing on the extension.

Ted Gideonse

Nov 15, 2021

Can it work on Opera?

When I try to use the extension, it keeps telling me I'm not logged in, but it doesn't offer a way for me to login. I assume Opera has blocked some key thing, but if not, do you have any suggestions?

Gábor Klement

Oct 4, 2021

Dark Mode

Can you add either more dark mode style or CSS Support please?

Rock Larochelle

Mar 3, 2021

Fantastic app, - one little hiccup

Hello, this is a great addon for tasks, thanks so much. The onbly hiccup I have is that the first item in my categroies never has the category tag. I notice that the color of it is white in the parameters, cannot change it. I have tried a few things but it appears like the first in my list never gets the tag. This is not major of course but would be nice if it appeared there.

ONce again thanks so much!

Griffin Queen

Jan 29, 2021

No tasks populating

No tasks have been populating in the popup for about a week. I've tried resetting the token, uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing out cache and restarting chrome, etc. and no joy.

John Foley

Oct 28, 2020

unable to reach task service

as of today the extension says: Offline - Unable to reach Tasks service. I have tried resetting to defaults and installing/reinstalling. Those things did not help. Any suggestions?

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