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Chad Pry

Apr 12, 2024


can I throttle the application? it seems to be a bit heavy of a load on some sites that have very limited resources.

joseph “carmelo” mengote

Feb 17, 2022


To monetize ads and pop-ups block

Umberto Lopes

Dec 3, 2021

Crawling error

I tried to analyze a website (it appeared that the website has to many pages), the tool cannot go through the test at all.
I tried to crawl a specific language but nothing works.
Someone can help me ? Or even to give me the exact command to use in order to crawl a specific language ?
Thank you

Andrew “AJ” Housholder

Aug 11, 2020

Can't login

I just purchased checkbot and can't find where to login .

christian oliff

Dec 2, 2019

Great app - hope to see more updates soon

I'd like to see:

- spell-check content (maybe... I realise this may give lots of false-positives, but if this was an optional test I think it could be worthwhile)
- check if OpenGraph meta tags (if included) are valid. It'd be good if it checked if the linked og:image was a valid URL (must start with HTTP or HTTPS)
- Check if included JavaScripts have security vulnerabilities. Lighthouse already does this, but would like it if Checkbot checked also.
- More ideas borrowed from Webhint and Lighthouse would be good.

Volgis Korh

Sep 20, 2019

Resolution images .webp

Why is image resolution .webp believes that it is page. And asks what if there were H1 tags, title, description. This is a significant error

Graeme Wiser

Mar 28, 2019

Paid for Pro Not working

Paid for pro - not working

Aidan D.

Oct 12, 2018


Could I have a breakdown of why you need to access and edit the data of all websites I visit. I understand that you obviously have scan our code but I just want to be sure.

Mert Aktas

Mar 27, 2018

Not Working

Hello, wanted to try it today but not working or should I do something extra?

Alfredo Gamboa Fernández

Mar 22, 2018

No puedo instalarlo

Se ha producido un error
Este elemento ya se está descargando y añadiendo a Chrome.

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