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Miguel Vazquez

May 27, 2022

Limit Buster

Could you tell us what LIMIT BUSTER is??

Rob Heller

Jan 26, 2022

full version

how do i purchase full version that gives more than 5 free checks?

Erin Marshall

Aug 10, 2021

Orange Ring

Is there anyway to remove the orange ring that just hangs out on the page and actually get an inventory count? I know Amazon has made a lot of changes, but are you working on a repair for this?

Dular Retail

Aug 3, 2021

How to Unsubscribe?

How to unsubscribe from this extension. We are not using this anymore. Payments are getting deducted from our account on regular basis.

Please let me know, how to unsubscribe.

Peter Davis

Jul 15, 2021

Not working on some ASINs

I'm trying to check some inventory levels and it won't load any inventory and the orange "loading" ring stays on the page. Here's an example ASIN:

Let me know if this is a known problem, etc.


Mar 29, 2021

Extension not taking me to offer page

Inventory spy extension has not been working for me since i purchased it this past month.. when i click the extension to take me to the offer page it just slides out the offers (not the page) and then it loads forever and the orange ring does not disappear from the middle of the screen unless i refresh the page. This happens with every ASIN.

jc nicholson

Feb 8, 2021

not working properly

THis has been happening over the last week, sometimes it wrks fine and then the next day not so much. IT does not do anything on the offers page and when on the main offer page it gives you the slide out but still does not show inventory. Please advise ...

Benoit Dupuis

Jan 27, 2021

doesnt work

cant use it

Benoit Dupuis

Jan 27, 2021

Cannot use it.

Everytime I go to conduct a search it bring me right back to the main page I can never see how many sellers there are.....


Jan 9, 2021

No longer navigates to offers page


Pressing the extension no longer moves to the offers page so cannot use it?


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