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Karly McGill

Aug 30, 2022

Tags and features not showing

Hello! Since FB messenger updated, Chatsilo isn't working. I have uninstalled the extension and installed again, but am not sure what else to do. Thank you for your help!


Oct 13, 2021

Tags not working

Tags aren't showing in profiles and messanger. chatsilo also isn't showing list of tags/contacts

Csoma Zsolt

Sep 15, 2021

The program does some things

Dear Customer Service

So far, there are two problems that don't work very well.
One is that when I send Bulk messages and use [first_name] [last_name] addressing, it doesn’t send a lot of mail, or just with exactly the same header, so, not the real name.
The other is that you don’t mark a friend in a group. Whatever keyword I type into the search engine, leave it cold!

Egore Tishkin

Aug 18, 2021

no letters

I've installed the extension & register account but I didn't receive any letter with my password or another information. The SPAM folder is clear.


Aug 2, 2021

Won't load

Hello, It's been a few days now and it still won't load anything.

Chloe Tranter

Jul 30, 2021

Chatsilo will not load

I work as a social media on behalf of my client, and they have asked me to download it to use with their Facebook. I downloaded it on Monday, and today it won't load up properly. I've been using it all day every day all week, and it has periods where it doesn't load contacts. Please help me as I need to use this for work, Thank you

M Oriam

Jul 23, 2021

No cancel subscription button

I used your software for a free trial i signed up on Monday its about to end and id like to cancel before hand, i couldnt find any button cancel the subsirption by loogini into my account , could you do that for me


Crachiel Rosales

Feb 24, 2021

Chatsilo NOT working

I have updated my Google browser, delete and reinstall however the tags are not showing up. What to do?

Paul Lifsches

Feb 8, 2021

Running EXTREMELY slow.

Hi, quite quickly my Messenger and especially the Chatsilo features slowed down almost like they were complete frozen. I was told to reinstall; I did. After one reinstall there was no benefit. After another, it sped up and worked like a charm! my friends' apps... Now it's slow again. Sometimes I will have several windows open before sending messages to them. Could that be the problem? I'm trying to find a way that this won't occur all the time.

Sari Fyffe

Jan 26, 2021

set up support.

having complication trying to get start with the Chatsilo APP. The link for facebook is unclickable need set up instruction video please. thanks sari.

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