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Vikas Rathore

May 25, 2024

Keep asking me to prove you are human

For every summary I have to clear 5 challenge to prove I am human. How to get rid to this?

Shiryu S

May 20, 2024

Suggestion for Shortcut Key Support

I hope this message finds you well.
This extension provides excellent functionality, but I believe it could be improved by adding support for shortcut keys.
Specifically, for example, Open GPT Summerization: Ctrl + Shift + G.
Best regards,


May 17, 2024

Nice extension! Please add customize OpenAI baseURL!

I come from China, and it's very difficult to pay for OpenAI's services. Fortunately, we can choose third-party services compatible with OpenAI, and we just need to customize the API BaseURL:

John Pelly

May 10, 2024

Where is the github link for the source of this extension?

I would like to see the source code.

Hillel Zand

Apr 30, 2024

Receiving error about exceeding current quota


I keep receiving this error message even though I created a new OpenAI Project API key that has $0 usage:

ChatGPT: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. For more information on this error, read the docs:

Any help on how to resolve this issue would be much appreciated.

Jermaine Neumann

Apr 26, 2024

"Google Summary"

I just realized ontop of every output it says "Google Summary" know. This was not there before I believe.

Jermaine Neumann

Apr 26, 2024

Amazing Ext.! Some suggestions

Hello, I love your extension , its one of the best out there for Youtube summarizing.
If I can add some small suggestions that I've seen your competitors do
- Dark mode
- Font increase (would love this as its rather small)
- Prompt Options (some apps you can save different prompts and use them from a dropdown menu)

Liza Bassi

Apr 26, 2024


How do I start using, I cant find out where to start

ricardo mol fj

Apr 24, 2024


ChatGPT: Our systems have detected unusual activity from your device. Please refresh your browser and try again later.


Apr 23, 2024

Extension error/broken

ChatGPT: Our systems have detected unusual activity from your device. Please try again later.

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