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Marius Giurgi

Jan 20, 2024

Add arbitrary width option and make it resizable

Great extension. What I would love to have though is ability to dynamically adjust the width.. perhaps if you add a container with some draggable UI elements that can make the container an arbitrary width.

Zach Dwyer

Dec 1, 2023

doesn't work anymore

something must have changed but now it doesn't work on the website.

John “The FAQyMe Experience” Brown

Nov 1, 2023

Minimise messages in conversation

Click on an icon at the top of a message to minimise it, making it easier to keep flow of the conversation. User preferences are stored between sessions.

stephane g

Oct 26, 2023

Why does it ask for permission to read ?

I disabled the extension and it ask to read and change data on

Bill Barnum

Jun 23, 2023

Settings Question

This is a great Chrome extension!

I'm wondering what the functionality is for the "Fuller Windows", "Taller Chatbox", and "Mode Notifications". I don't see an obvious difference when I toggle them.


Jun 21, 2023



michael chang

Apr 17, 2023

it does not work!


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