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ChatGPT Folders & GPT-3.5/4 AI Online Copilot

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Create folders in ChatGPT. Chat with ChatGPT 3.5/4 on any web page. Custom Prompt Library and Prompt Engineering Tools for ChatGPT.

*** ❗️❗️❗️ READ ME - IMPORTANT ❗️❗️❗️ *** Please install the updated and newer version of this extension, it has more features and less bugs. This is the new link (ChatGPT Easy Folders): ********************************************* *** THIS EXTENSION IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH OPENAI, IT IS PURELY AN ADD-ON TO THE CHATGPT APPLICATION *** *** FOR SUPPORT AND REQUESTS, PLEASE JOIN OUR DISCORD *** Features: - 📂 Create folders and sub-folders to organize your conversations - 🔁 Sync your folders across multiple devices - 🔗 Share your folders - 👥 Seamlessly share your custom folders and chats with other users - 🎨 Color coded folders - 🤖 ChatGPT GPT-3.5/4 AI Copilot Assistant - 🌐 Have fast and unlimited chats with GPT-3.5/4 anywhere on the web - 📂 The first AI Assistant that allows you to keep your chat history organised on the go. Create folders and organize your chats with every new conversation. - 😎 Persistent AI sidebar so you can easily chat whilst navigating the web - 📚 Prompt library - full access to 2600+ handpicked prompts, updated regularly! - Explore our curated prompts that are hand-selected for quality and creativity. - Extensive coverage on a wide range of topics such as: SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, and many more! Similar to: AIPRM, AI Prompt Genius, and WebChatGPT. - 🧩 Prompt Templates - create and store your own custom prompts and access them all within ChatGPT! - 💬 Craft your own prompts or customise existing ones. Use prompt variables to tailor conversations to your needs. - 📥 Easily backup, import, and restore your folders - 🔍 Perform ultra-fast searches on your conversation history - 📍 Pin your most important folders and conversations - 🔗 Share conversation links - ☑️ Bulk delete up to 50 conversations at a time User Data Collection & Privacy: We value your privacy and take the safeguarding of your personal information seriously. When you register for an account with our Chrome Extension 'ChatGPT Prompt Library, Templates and Folders,' you will be asked to provide your email address. This information is collected solely for the purpose of account creation, authentication, and to provide you with updates or notifications related to our service. Your email address will not be shared with third parties, except as required by law, and will be stored securely in accordance with industry standards. Coming soon: - 🤖 AI Copilot, take the power of AI with you everywhere you go. Similar to: MaxAI, Monica AI, Merlin AI. - Sider Sidebar GPT-4 Draw & Web Use AI Anywhere Online Monica Your AI Copilot SearchGPT for Chrome Immersive Translate Lunabot on any webpages ChatHub All-in-one chatbot client Glarity Summarize YouTube and Google ChatGPTBox Compose AI AI-powered Writing Tool ChatGPT Writer Write mail, messages with AI Perplexity Companion Wiseone reading tool YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude Cheat Layer Merlin AI assistant powered by GPT4 Superpower ChatGPT with internet access writeGPT Prompt Engineer Assistant Detailed SEO Extension prompster Casper AI PromptStorm Bard Claude Prompts Voilà AI ChatGPT powered assistant ChatSonic with super powers Chatonai

3.9 out of 5111 ratings

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Erin fullerMay 22, 2024

This update keeps crashing my chats. I have to refresh the screen and then I have to wait for all of them to load. Prior to this update I didn't have any problems.

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DonKMay 19, 2024

The extension has also stopped working for me. The folders I setup have all disappeared. Could the developer please indicate what the problem is and whether it will be fixed? Update: June 6, 2024. I've added back a couple of stars because the app has been working okay for the last several days. When it's working, the app adds some real functionality to ChatGPT. The ability to create, rename, move folders and sub folders and otherwise manipulate chats beyond the basic chat list provided by ... Show more

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Liad ShemeshMay 4, 2024

suddenly stopped working :(

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