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Camilo Luvino

May 14, 2024

It seems exporting chats is no longer possible

It seems that with the latest ChatGPT interface update on May 14, 2024, exporting chats is no longer possible. The selection works, but when trying to export in any available format, nothing happens when clicking. Many thanks for the plugin as it is excellent, the best available alternative.

Hello W

Apr 2, 2024

Disappeared export button

There were buttons for function even in the private mode until recently, but it disappeared again. (plugin permissions are enabled) It seems they updated something because some viewing function looks changed (like history cookie reset(?)) May I ask you to check about this issue?

Derek Chau

Mar 28, 2024

Exported .txt Paragraphs Combined into One

.txt export works, but outputs made of several paragraphs aren't new-lined correctly, and are combined into one. Need fix please. Thanks.


Jan 2, 2024

Missing Export button?

No longer see the Export button

Terence C

Nov 12, 2023

Plugin cannot work on new UI of chatgpt

After ChatGPT updated its web interface on November 10, the plugin has become unusable. Looking forward to the developer fixing this issue🙏🙏

Hao Li (CAfeng)

Sep 1, 2023



Ruijin Liu

Aug 2, 2023

Button overlap on the chatgpt page

The export button will cover the original 'regenerate' button on the page so that i can't click the 'regenerate' button. How can i solve it?

Verdi Heinz

Apr 12, 2023

Please add HTML as export format


Thank you for your plugin, it's very helpful 🙏

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