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Aug 27, 2023

Stopped working.

One day it's working and the next day it's not I've not installed anything new or had any updates. Everthing I saved in the context fields are gone and when I try to enter new ones and save them when i go to use them they are gone. ???

Melanin Davies

Jun 20, 2023

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Markus W

Feb 16, 2023

Add support for OpenAi Api and own Api key

Dear publisher, we are happy with the extention,

but not with ChatGPTs general availability, its always at capacity, so the extention is also unusable. Usually such extentions allow for authentication with Api key instead of interactive like it is implemented now.

Could you kindly add this and call the openai api with the extention?


David Frankle

Feb 13, 2023

Usage based pricing?

I'm building a payment infrastructure app to enable usage based billing for OpenAI apps.

Would this be useful to you?

You'd be able to monitor usage, predict profit, and do more granular usage based pricing (with a different cost per model).

Let me know and check out if interested:


Yvo Gortemaker

Jan 6, 2023

Use in Google Docs

Great Chrome extension, thanks for that! Would be even better if it would also work in Google Docs. When I right click (pressing shift to get the right context menu) the extension is not shown. Best Yvo

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