ChatGPT Auto-Continue & Token Counter
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アイテム メディアの 2 スクリーンショット
アイテム メディアの 2 スクリーンショット


Experience ChatGPT like never before with these features: Auto Full Mode, Automated 'Continue Generating', and Token Counter.

The "ChatGPT Continue Generating Auto-Clicker" extension simplifies your experience with ChatGPT by automating the process of clicking the "Continue generating" button. With this extension, you can save time and effort, especially if you frequently switch tabs while waiting for your prompt to generate a response. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recent Updates: 🐞 Update 1.5.4: Fixed a bug in Auto Full Mode that was caused by a new update on the UI of ChatGPT. 🏃‍♂️ Update 1.5.3: Improved speed of Auto Full Mode. Improved layout of token counter. 🐞 Update 1.5.2: Fixed ALL bugs related to the new UI released by ChatGPT. Auto full mode is now working better than ever. 🧠 Update 1.5.1: Smarter Auto Full Mode. When it don't find the exact button, it will do nothing. 🐞 Update 1.5.0: Fixed Auto Full mode not working after latest ChatGPT update. ✅ Update 1.4.9: Fixed small error in position of buttons after new ChatGPT update. Also, re-added the missing icon of the extension. 👻 Update 1.4.8: Small patch to fix the jumping bar. Happy Halloween! 🚀 Update 1.4.7: Improved performance in general. Disabled enforced Token Counter. Also, the token counter was improved to be async. Auto Full Mode is still enforced, as I think it adds to the site, does not clutter it nor make it slow. 🧈 Update 1.4.6: Auto Full Mode is now SMOOTH as butter! Also, fixed auto-continue that was tied to the token counter. Sorry. 🪄 Update 1.4.5: Automagically flips the nav-bar when mouse is near! Also, I smashed some 🐞 with the download button and some stylings. Also, I enforced some functionalities to be on as default. You can configure to disable if you don't want it! 🔒 Update 1.4.4: Token Tracking - Update 1.4.4 introduces a fantastic token usage counter with a dynamic progress bar that changes color based on token consumption. Please note that we utilize the llama-tokenizer, which offers superior token counting accuracy compared to most other extensions. 🦙 🌍 Update 1.4.3: Universal Language Support - The latest update, 1.4.3, expands language support to all languages, both in mobile and desktop views. 🌟 Update 1.4.2: Visual Enhancements - With Update 1.4.2, I've introduced a stylish icon for the extension. 🐞 Update 1.4.1: Bug Fixes - This update includes several fixes to enhance stability. 📥 Update 1.4.0: Code Block Downloads - I've added a handy feature that places a button below code blocks, allowing you to download code in your preferred language. 🎨 Update 1.4.0: Customization - With Update 1.4, I've introduced settings to tailor your experience, including the ability to adjust the auto-click interval. Please note that setting intervals below 1000 ms may result in issues with the "only one message at a time" constraint. 🔄 Update 1.3.0: Missing Clicks - Fixed cases where the button click would not be sent. 📱 Update 1.2.0: Improved Mobile View - We've optimized the extension to work seamlessly in mobile view, ensuring a smooth experience on smaller screens. 🆕 Update 1.1.0: The extension now prompts users to reload their active OpenAI ChatGPT tabs if any are open. These exciting updates bring enhanced functionality, mobile optimization, customization, and a better understanding of your token usage, all while making your ChatGPT experience smoother and more efficient. Try it out now! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key Features: • Auto Full Mode: Automagically flips the history chat when mouse is near. • Dark and Light theme: Supports both themes, changing the colors accordingly. • Token Counter: Keep an eye on your token usage with a visual bar below the prompt area. This helps you stay within the context window's limits and enhances usability. • Download Button: Easily download code blocks in your preferred language with the added button below code blocks. • Automated Clicking: The extension seamlessly automates the "Continue generating" button, freeing you to concentrate on other tasks without manual interruptions. • Productivity Boost: By eliminating the need for manual clicking, our extension optimizes your workflow and productivity. • Time-Saver: Say goodbye to manual waiting – when you return to your ChatGPT tab, the extension ensures a continuous generation process. Language Support: The extension currently supports all languages. Tooltip text is in english for now. Privacy and Security: I prioritize your privacy and adhere to strict security standards. The extension does not collect or store any personal data or transmit any information outside of the ChatGPT environment. Rest assured that your interactions with ChatGPT remain confidential and secure. Installation: • Getting started is a breeze: 1. Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. 2. Open your ChatGPT chat in your browser. 3. Relax as the extension effortlessly manages the "Continue generating" button on your behalf. Support and Feedback: If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please contact me at: •

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