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Jinhyeok Lee

Aug 2, 2023

Since this week OpenAI pushed an update to ChatGPT UI

- Which is causing the context menu to stop working properly. I'm aware of the issue and plan to fix it this weekend! :)

Jinhyeok Lee

Jun 25, 2023

1.8.1 is going through the review process.

Also, please add your suggestions / ideas if you have one! As long as it is ethical & possible I will take a shot at it! :)

Jinhyeok Lee

Jun 16, 2023

Note: 1.6.1 is failing to start at the moment. 1.6.3 would fix the issue but it is still in review. Please hold tight!

1.6.1 might not start at all, missing all the features. ChatGPT's behavior won't be affected.

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